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Reasons to Partner with zenphi

here are just a few benefits of becoming a zenphi partner. 

Grow Your Business
Enable more scenarios and become more relevant to your customers - (Typically Partner will expect 3-10 fold additional Services pull through with No Code Automation)
Gain Competitive Advantage
Differentiate from your competition with faster delivery, lower cost solutions
Lower Your Delivery Risk
Faster, cheaper, more predictable and efficient delivery of workflow solutions
Get Free Leads
zenphi led introductions to potential customers
Increase Marketing
Access to joint lead generation / marketing support funding
Increase Recurring Revenue
With our generous partner rebate, you can increase your recurring revenue
Take an Intelligent Approach to Automate Your Workflows on Google

Automating the New Employee Equipment Request process using Apps Script compared to using zenphi.

Before After

There are various ways to approach any problem, and it is the same when it comes to automating your processes. Traditionally you would need to write Apps Script and Code to automate your processes on Google Workspace (G Suite). It means you either need to know how to code, or budget for a very expensive resource to do it for you. However, it does not end there, because you will need to maintain the code and update it when your process changes. This is one of the main reasons why businesses are slow in automating their processes.
zenphi enables a whole set of new people in your company to automate their processes with just a few drag and drops.

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