At zenphi we understand how businesses work and how they would like their data to be hosted in a specific region. This could be because of various reasons, but it’s mainly due to data privacy concerns and legislations around it.

With data security and privacy being one of our top priorities at zenphi since day one, zenphi is designed from the ground up to respect data privacy rules and best practices by keeping all data and processing of data in a specified region.

Currently, zenphi runs out of our data center in the US, but we’ll soon be adding new data centers in:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • England
  • Japan
  • And Australia

If you are interested in having access to one of these regions sooner, or you would like to recommend a new regions which is not listed there, please let us know through

Having a dedicated data center for specific regions gives the companies in the companies a piece of mind that their data stays within the specified region. For example the European users can opt in to use our Germany’s data center, knowing that their data does not leave the European border. The same goes for Japanese users, and so on. 

However, it does not end there. We understand larger and global businesses have got teams, offices, and subsidiaries all around the world. And each local team should abide by the local legislations of the region they are operating in. For example, ACME global which has its headquarter in California, US, has offices in London, Japan and Australia. Each office would normally have a HR team, Sales team, etc. 

With zenphi each department in each region can get their own workspace within that region, while being managed centrally. Central IT would be able to audit reports on the usage of each workspace without moving the actual data out of specific regions.