zenphi End User License Agreement

Welcome to your new account. With your account you are able to access your personal zenphi workspace, and any other workspaces you are invited to. visit the zenphi Help Center for more information.

If your organization provides you access to the zenphi, your use of zenphi is governed by your organization’s zenphi agreement. Any additional zenphi services your administrator enables are available to you under the zenphi’s  Terms of Use  and the zenphi’s Privacy Policy. Certain Additional Services may also have service-specific terms. Your use of any services your administrator allows you to access constitutes acceptance of applicable service-specific terms.

Your account is also bound by zenphi’s fair use policy as per blow:

  • Essentials tier fair use assumes up to 1000 flow runs per 30 day period.
  • Professional tier fair use assumes up to 5000 flow runs per 30 day period.
If the fair use threshold is regularly exceeded, we reserve the right to throttle new flow run executions and/or customize a plan to better suit your needs.

Click “Accept” below to indicate that you understand this description of how your zenphi account works and agree to the zenphi’s Terms of Use and the zenphi’s Privacy Policy.