The Best Workflow Management Software in 2021

The Best Workflow Management Software in 2021

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Workflow management software.

What is workflow management software?

A workflow management software is an important business tool. It helps teams manage all the processes and workflows of a business so it stays efficient.
How so? Imagine how each task is a series of steps that you execute. A workflow management software allows you to easily organize and manage those steps, so you can uphold standards and quality output at all times.
Another plus factor of a workflow management system is automation. It allows users to identify a method and automate parts of the process that can be automated. The user can also determine when to start, pause, and stop workflows.
In today, having the means to stay on top of everything going in and around your business allows you to stay ahead of your competitors. This is why a workflow management software that can support business goals is a must for every team.

How To Choose The Best Workflow Management Software?

Not all workflow management tools are equal. With that said, you need to pick the one that has features that are in line with your business goals. Read reviews and avail free trials and see if it is the workflow management software for you.

Here are some factors you might want to consider when picking workflow management software:

What Do You Need It For?

If you can answer the question “Why do you need it?” without looking at your notes is the moment you understand what a workflow management tool can do for your team and your business.
Workflow management platforms allow teams to standardize their operation in an efficient manner. It makes following instructions down to the last period easier through documentation. This way, teams can take ownership of their workflows and stay on top of everything.

Who Is Going To Use It?

When picking out the best workflow software, you also need to consider who is going to use it. There are some workflow management tools that are specific to certain tasks. Like the ones built to support sales and marketing processes or finance workflows. Some have more distributed features to support general processes around the business.
If it is your sales team, you would need a business process management tool that will allow them to connect all their sales processes to deal with potential clients and warming up leads through the sales pipeline.

Does It Automate?

Automating mundane and recurring daily tasks is one of the main reasons why teams should use workflow software. Workflow Automation allows teams to save time and avoid getting bogged down dealing with manual tasks.

Functionalities such as mail merging, automatically assigning tasks to team members, and document approvals can save a lot of time.

With automation, teams have more time to focus on strategizing and doing things that matter.

How Long Does It Take To Get It Running Smoothly?

Another matter to best consider is the learning curve of the new workflow tool. Is it beginner- friendly or does it require high technical knowledge to operate? Examine their website if they have a comprehensive knowledge base.

A good customer-facing knowledge base to help new users navigate the interface. This lessens the line for customer support.
Also, here’s a good tip for teams that do not want to deal with codes; It is best to consider automated workflow platforms that have drag and drop features.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the workflow software should be commensurate to the value it brings to the business.

If you observe a good ROI several months into its implementation, then you are on the right path.

Just remember, the best workflow software for you does not have to bear a high price tag. You shouldn’t pay for features that you have no use for. Instead, find a platform that aligns with your business goals.

The Best Workflow Management Software

Monday is a workflow management software that has a good dashboarding functionality. It also resembles a spreadsheet but with more capabilities.
If your team uses spreadsheets to manage tasks before, You might want to consider Monday. It is a souped-up workflow tool that resembles a spreadsheet and does more than a spreadsheet can. Monday allows teams to assign notifications, integrates with 3rd-party tools, and automates workflows in one place.
Its dashboard functionality gives teams the ability to collect data from other boards so they can better track task progress on all levels.
Monday has a 14-day trial period. After that, the paid subscription starts at $29/user/month.
Forecastapp is a workflow tool
An AI-powered platform for managing and tracking the financial side of your business. It combines all your finances, resources, and project plans in one place. Also, Forecastapp’s automation capabilities allow you to create comprehensive schedules and timeframe estimates. Not to mention how you can better manage each project budget to prevent overspending.
With Forecastapp, you can even become granular and add details to staps. You can add task lists and tag members to make your workflows comprehensive.
Forecastapps currently have a freemium version that you can try out. But if you want access to more powerful features, the paid subscription starts at $9.80/user/month.
Wrike is a workflow management tool best for large enterprises.
Wrike is considered one of the best project management tools in the market. It is highly suitable for large teams looking to scale their operations. Wrike also comes with some workflow management capabilities that help increase team efficiency. You can add an unlimited number of users and each one can build, optimize, and customize workflows. Users also get access to dashboards, analytical reports, and forms.
With over 400 integrations, users can connect popular file management systems such as Box and Dropbox. It is also compatible with solid marketing and sales software like Salesforce.
Write has several plans available, including a free version one. But if you want to access a lot more powerful features, paid subscription starts at $9.80/user/month.
If you have time-sensitive workflows, then Replicon is a good option. It has advanced timesheet functionality that allows workflow managers and other members to track time. Important details such as check-in and check-outs and task progress are easily tracked.
Replicon also has scheduling and invoicing features. This makes it easier to deal with multiple people when it comes to payment matters. Teams can create personalized invoices, track overdue payments, bills, and more.
zenphi is a workflow management tool best for its automation functionalities.
A Google workflow automation platform specially designed for heavy Google Apps users. If you and your team use several Google Apps for your day-to-day operation, then zenphi is for you. This no code workflow software allows you to automate your mundane and recurring tasks.
Built on Google for Google, zenphi ensures users have a safe platform to use for their automation needs. It is also very beginner-friendly with its drag-and-drop functionality to help you build both simple and complex Google Apps workflows.
Zenphi can be used to automate simple workflows like NDA generation and signature to complex advanced ones like multi-step document generation and approval powered by state machine or AI powered invoice routing and approvals. It also has rich integration with Google Workspace services and many other services like Salesforce, HubSpot, Smartsheet, DocuSign, etc.
Zenphi’s free account is more than enough to demonstrate how powerful it can be when managing Google workflows, but if you want access to more powerful features and more workflow runs, the paid plan starts at $25/month.
Process Street takes on workflow management software on a different approach. It serves as a checklist for all your processes and workflows so you stay efficient.
Process Street has a unique approach when it comes to managing daily and recurring workflows. This checklist-based API allows users to create detailed steps that support proper process execution to maintain standard and quality.
Process Street also affords users comprehensive dashboarding and progress monitoring so managers can track who is doing what without being invasive. And with its built-in Zapier integration, users can integrate Processes Street to over 1000 other web-based apps so they can build complex workflows to support their business goals.

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