Webinar: Automate Google Workspace Administrative tasks with zenphi

Join us on Tuesday, December 13, as we discuss how you can benefit from automating your Google Workspace Administration tasks.

Aravin Srinivasan, CTO at zenphi, will cover:

Employee Onboarding: automate account provisioning, email signature setup, adding a new user to the specified Google Group, etc.;

– Employee Offboarding: automate the suspension, deletion, and archiving of a Google Workspace user; resetting the password, and transferring the user’s data (Drive, Calendar, etc.) to another user;

Email Signature Update: automatically update email signatures across the entire organization at one click;

Password Resetting: enable users to request password resets on behalf of someone else or for themselves;

Google Group creation: allow employees to create a new Google Group without accessing a Google Console.

Plus attend a live Q&A!

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