Intelligent Process Automation

It’s about using modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence in every step of the automation journey to open up new possibilities and make the existing ones more efficient

Intelligent Process Automation for Google

Artificial Intelligence, Not Just a Buzz Word

Yup, we know that AI is often used as a marketing buzz word, not here at zenphi!

A lot of technology companies are struggling to find meaningful ways to utilize AI in their products. More often than not, it’s added in just to be able to say ‘now with AI’.

Here at zenphi, we have developed tools to harness the power of AI in useful and practical ways. Putting AI to work inside your business with intelligent workflow automation has never been easier.

AI in Action

Here are some ways you can harness the power of AI using zenphi workflow automation.

Document AI

It’s very common for processes to involve one or more documents. Be it a PDF invoice, a supplier’s purchase order or a scanned image of an application form. Using Document AI in zenphi, you can now extract information from these documents with a simple drag and drop.

Object Detection

Object Detection uses AI to identify specific objects in an image. Whether you want to count the number of specific products on a shelf or identify a damaged one, you can leave it to zenphi’s AI object detection action.

Form Recognizer

Zenphi’s AI powered Form Recongnizer, enables you to extract information from various PDF forms. It could be a tax form, a government form, or an internal form you have created for your employees.

Sentiment Analysis

Ever wanted to know the tone of some feedback, a support case, or email text before even reading it? With zenphi’s Sentiment Analysis you can leverage machine learning to automatically get an understanding about how positive or negative, angry or friendly the text is.

Text Translation

zenphi’s AI powered text translation uses machine learning to translate a block of text from one language to another.

artificial intelligence process automation

Meaningful AI

Built on Google for Google

Like everything else in zenphi, our AI capabilities have been tailored for Google users. It’s built on Google for Google so you enjoy a familiar experience and can take comfort knowing your data is safely contained within the platform you already trust.

Enrich Your Processes with AI in No Time

NO CODING Required

With zenphi, you don’t need any prior AI experience or coding knowledge to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence in your processes.

Like everything else in zenphi, all you need to do is drag and drop.

So, go ahead, get a competitive advantage on your competition. Sign up with zenphi today and harness the power of artificial intelligence with process automation.

Sample Use Cases

the possibilities are endless, but here are some examples

Intelligent Invoice Routing Using Document Processor

Use the AI Powered OCR capability of zenphi to easily extract text and other information from documents your suppliers email you, and automate your invoice routing and approval process with a few drag and drops.

Intelligent Inventory Management Using Object Detection

Use Vision AI to detect specific types of objects from images uploaded to a Google Drive folder or submitted through a Google Form, to make intelligent decisions for routing. 

Intelligent Feedback Routing Using Sentiment Analysis

Harness the power of AI to measure sentiment of feedback, suggestions, or comments you receive through a Google Forms submission and route the process accordingly.