Automate Operational Processes in Minutes

Remove mundane and repetitive tasks to boost productivity.

Automate and Get Insights into Your Operation

Provide one systemized standard for menial, repetitive tasks to free up employees to focus on core work.

Automate and Get Insights into Your Operation

Easily automate your operation processes, get insights into your operation, identify bottlenecks, and optimize operational efficiency.

Reduce Errors with Automated Monitoring

Make sure everything goes according to plan by automating alerts when something goes awry.

Optimize Operations with Automated Workflows

Great operations teams are always looking to make efficiency upgrades to help organizations improve focus on their core business. While Google Workspace gives you a lot out of the box, most of the time, you need to orchestrate your operation beyond Google Workspace services. Built on Google for Google, Zenphi enables you to leverage your existing investment on Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Docs, etc., connect with other systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Smartsheet, etc., to easily automate your operation. All with just a few drags and drops. No coding is required. Zenphi gives ops teams cutting-edge tools needed to empower employees to automate their processes and save time.

Purchase Process

Automate your purchase process end to end. From request all the way to it’s delivery. Get the required approvals in between. Improve your team productivity and gain full visibility over your Purchase Process, keep track of each procurement and get necessary approvals hassle-free and on time.

Contractor Onboarding

Automate Process to create a Google Drive folder structure for onboarding newly-hired contractors, and populate the folder with commonly used resources and shared the folder with the contractor.

Work Order Processing

Harness the power of AI to automate your incoming work order processing tasks. Automatically extract information from the work order documents, populate them into a Google Sheet, and configure proper task assignments.

External Communication Review (box)

Create a workflow to automate the review and approval process for keynote materials (e.g., slides, speaker notes) to be signed off on by the Brand and Legal teams before an external event or conference.

Quarterly Business Review

Create a scheduled workflow to automate generating Quarterly Business Review decks where each department lead needs to update their respective sections before the meeting.

Vendor Registration

Create a workflow to improve your vendor enrolment experience and maintain vendor relationships. Streamline vendor bids, defining terms and conditions, and choosing the right vendor, and gain insight into the whole process through dashboards.

Supplier Performance Management

Automate your supplier performance management process to improve your supplier experience. Define KPIs and keep track of each supplier’s KPIs as part of the automated process.