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More Flexible & Less Expensive Than Zapier

A Powerful, Budget-Friendly Automation Solution That Allows You To Fully Leverage The Power Of Google Workspace Without Overpaying For Expensive Subscriptions.

Tailored Marketing Automation Within Familiar Google Workspace

Save On Expenses Up To


By using Zenphi, an average medium-sized company can significantly reduce the costs associated with automation tools. Compared to solutions like Zapier or Make that are usage-based, Zenphi offers packaged flow-based automations at up to 60% lower cost, making it an extremely cost-effective choice for businesses looking to optimize marketing budget.

Zenphi automates critical but time-consuming tasks such as emailing contacts after specific actions, assigning new scores to leads, and notifying SDRs when a lead reaches a critical threshold. This automation is 90% more efficient than manual processes, dramatically reducing the time and effort required, and minimizing human error.

Increased Efficiency By Up To


Improved Consistency By Up To


Automating with Zephi you also get access to marketing processes templates that are based on the industry best practices. They are structured in a way that guarantee reduced likelihood of errors and help you maintain highest standards in marketing and lead management.


100% of Marketing professionals who switch from other automation tools to Zenphi report a significant boost in efficiency of operations

Streamline Your Marketing Processes with Google Workspace Integration

Zenphi offers Google Workspace users a powerful platform to unlock the full potential of Google apps, eliminating the need for expensive marketing subscriptions. With Zenphi, marketers can streamline their workflows and enhance productivity by leveraging native integrations with a wide range of popular services including HubSpot, Salesforce, SendGrid, Mailchimp, and Slack. This seamless integration allows for an intuitive, efficient management of workflows directly within the Google environment, ensuring that all tools work together harmoniously. 

Approve What Matter The Most Faster

Zenphi enables efficient management of multiple approval processes, from marketing expenses to contractor payments. Adhering to best practices in process automation, Zenphi enhances transparency and manageability in your marketing operations. 

Streamlined Marketing Processes Through Automation

Marketing teams are constantly stretched for time, and that’s why marketing automation workflows help teams using Google Workspace stay on schedule. Not only that, they also help marketers improve customer connections, increase conversions, and boost income significantly.

HubSpot Workflow Automation

Utilize the most sophisticated workflow platform for HubSpot to automate your CRM related processes. Send emails to your recently signed up customer on a specific schedule as part of your customer nurturing process. Update information in HubSpot from other sources.

Brand Asset Review and Approval

Automate the process for brand assets to be reviewed and finalized by the Marketing team, Brand team, and the external marketing agency.

PR Media Sign-off Process

Automate the workflow to Obtain review and approval for copy and quotes in a press release before getting final sign off from the Public Relations team.

Sales Enablement Review

Automated review process for new sales training materials to go through approvals with the Sales Enablement and Sales Strategy teams before they are published to the Sales Portal.

Content Marketing

Automate your content marketing process to track the entire content creation process, from ideas to SEO optimization, to publishing and getting required approvals in between.


Celebrating Their Wins With Our Solution

Using Zenphi to automate our webinar invites and email notifications has been transformative. It's streamlined our entire process, ensuring no attendee ever slips through the cracks. Our engagement rates have soared, and I can now focus more on content rather than manual tasks. Zenphi is truly invaluable!
Linda Hawksey
Head of Marketing, Aimondo

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With Zenphi, marketing operation automation is easy. You can automate a wide range of marketing processes, including webinar management and expense approvals, lead scoring, notification of sales teams about hot leads, marketing contractor invoice processing, marketing assets and copy appoval, email marketing and so much more — all within Google Applications (Forms, Sheets, Docs, Drive, Gmail, etc.) and our native integrations with most popular solutions (Hubspot, ClickUp, Salesforce, Sendgrid, Mailchimp and more).

To begin automating your marketing operations with Zenphi, we highly recommend booking a call with our automation experts. Certainly, you can signup for a free trial. But it always helps having someone to show you around and demonstrate the best use cases, doesn’t it? 

Absolutely. Zenphi offers robust integration capabilities with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as marketing tools like Slack and SendGrid. This allows you to create a seamless flow of data across your marketing stack.

There are several substantial differences. First, Zenphi is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace, providing a more native experience for users of Google apps. Unlike Zapier or Make, Zenphi offers deeper integration, allowing for more sophisticated workflows within the Google ecosystem. Secondly, if you have multiple automated flows, Zenphi would be more cost-effective, as we don’t charge per single flow.  Zephi also allows you to build more complex automations based on multiple conditions and supports branching, unlike simple integration platforms. Finally, with Zenphi you have access to truly unique features that your marketing can definitely benefit from like translation of texts and emails to 200 languages, processing unstructured data, sentiment analysis and more. Check the full list of your add-ons.

Yes, the whole idea of Zenphi is 100% customization. You can tailor automation workflows to meet the specific needs of your marketing department, adjusting triggers, actions, and flows to align perfectly with your operational requirements and your tech stack.

Zenphi facilitates the automation process, ensuring your data remains within your Google Workspace environment for utmost security and control. Learn more about Zenphi’s data security policy.