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Harness the power of zenphi’s Intelligent Document Processing for seamless claims processing software.

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How zenphi IDP revolutionizes claims processing

Zenphi’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution harnesses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI-powered technologies to extract relevant information from various documents including claim forms, medical records, invoices, and other supporting documents. Key details are captured like policy numbers, claim amounts, dates, descriptions, and other custom data for a seamless insurance claims software solution.


Process claims in real-time

Keep your team and your customers happy with faster claim adjudication and quicker payouts for policyholders.

Boost accuracy

Automatically cross-verify the information extracted from different documents to ensure accuracy and consistency, reducing the risk of processing incorrect or fraudulent claims.

Save time

Refocus your team on higher value tasks by minimizing their time spent on manual data entry or verification processes, and correcting mistakes introduced through human error.

Improve fraud detection

Harness IDP to flag suspicious claims based on predefined patterns or anomalies in the data received.

Boost efficiency & reduce costs

Reduce the need for manual labor and paper-based processes, leading to potentially significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Enhance the customer experience

Ensure faster and more accurate claims processing to improve customer satisfaction, as policyholders receive timely and fair claim settlements.

Why choose zenphi IDP for claims processing?


Experience the power of no-code BPA (Business Process Automation) and IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) combined under one roof. Zoom out of your claims data capture headaches and embrace a centralized platform that efficiently manages Health, Auto, Property, Life, Travel, Financial, Liability and other Insurance Claims – all within a single, seamless solution.


Unlike other no-code solutions, zenphi offers a high level of customization to automate your unique workflows. Zenphi boasts dozens of built-in actions, including math operations, logic branches, integrations, formatting, and much more, to ensure your workflows continue to run seamlessly, even when inaccuracies or errors are encountered.

Zenphi’s IDP can identify claims that require further review or fall outside standard parameters, flagging them for manual inspection by claims adjusters or specialists.


With an easy-to-use no-code UI, you can build automations and start reaping the benefits significantly faster than complex software or custom development solutions. Plus, educational materials are available along with access to our friendly Success team for support whenever you need it.


Eliminate the need to hire and train additional staff, outsource your processes, or build costly custom solutions. Save IT resources and avoid writing scripts – hire zenphi instead!

Pay only for what you use – there’s no need to pay for expensive software with unnecessary features; with zenphi, you pay for what you use with one simple subscription.


Gain real-time insights and reporting through powerful built-in Tables and Dashboards, providing better visibility into your claims processing status, outstanding payments, and potential bottlenecks.


Utilize the familiar Google Workspace ecosystem as your foundation and seamlessly integrate with other business tools you use daily, such as Jira, Typeform, Slack, Trello, HubSpot, Dropbox, and more.


If you’re under time pressure or require assistance at any time, make the most of our implementation services, where we’ll automate processes for you or alongside you. Enjoy regular training for you and your team, participate in webinars, receive live chat support and more.

One platform, endless automations

Your automations don’t have to stop at your claims processing system. Zenphi provides a complete process automation platform to connect and orchestrate workflows across all areas of your business, integrating with your existing tech solutions like Slack, Salesforce, Docusign, and Google Workspace.

What zenphi users have to say:

“Amazing! We highly recommend Zenphi and have already spoken with many of our friends about using their system. If you are looking to automate, be more productive, save money and a lot more, this is definitely a software to consider!

Zenphi has a great UI that allowed us to customize workflows to fit our specific business needs. After we implemented their system, we not only saved time, we were able to reduce our workload significantly. Previously we were forced to outsource our Invoice verification process overseas, but with Zenphi, we were not only able to bring it back in-house, we reduced our costs and increased our processing time significantly.”

– Josh C, Owner/President in the Food & Beverages industry

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