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No-code AppSheet automation

Optimize your apps with sophisticated process automation, completely code-free

AppSheet is an incredibly powerful tool for building custom apps with basic workflow automation functionality. However, if you are wanting to automate more complex processes behind the scenes, this is where zenphi’s sophisticated yet easy to use workflow builder shines.

Boost your AppSheet automations

The perfect complement to AppSheet’s powerful app building platform, zenphi enables you to expand your automation capabilities by quickly building sophisticated workflows to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AppSheet alone.

Consider AppSheet as your data collection tool, while zenphi acts as the powerful backend that orchestrates your logic and processes data across multiple systems, no matter the complexity.

Seamless collection & processing of all your app’s data

If you can draw a diagram for your process or workflow, you can automate it. Common ways AppSheet users enhance their apps and minimize manual tasks with zenphi include automatically:

  • Orchestrating & executing complex logic to satisfy unique requirements
  • Creating custom Google Docs based on predefined templates
  • Managing Google Drive folders
  • Updating data in other systems like Google Sheets, SalesForce, HubSpot, Trello, etc.
  • Assigning tasks for when humans need to be brought in the loop
  • And more.

Build complex, reusable automation solutions for any app

With an intuitive drag and drop builder, create your automations in up to 90% less time than it takes to code, and use them as templates for any future apps you build.

Plus, with integrated IDP and AI tools, zenphi enables you to take another step further by automatically extracting and using key information from forms, documents or images submitted, saving hours of manual processing time for yourself or your team.

With all your workflow insights and workflow management tools at your fingertips, keeping track of your flows, completed runs, issues and more is easy.

Flexible automation,
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