Automation Unlocked, Productivity Unleashed

Embrace the power to intricately tailor your automations, offering precision and flexibility at par with Apps Script—no coding required.

Achieve more by minimizing time spent in repetitive code development and maintenance

Time Saving Up To


Deploy and customize reusable solutions 75% faster integrating with and leveraging existing systems – without scripting. 

Minimize ongoing maintenance time & effort required for process automations — by 32%.

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Increase Engagement By


Increase engagement & retention across your team with more time to spend on interesting projects and achieving strategic goals.

Drag, drop and configure in a fraction of the time it takes to code with Apps Script

From your most simple to sophisticated workflows, set your repetitive tasks on autopilot in a matter of minutes, not days.

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Zenphi vs. Google Apps Script: Elevating Automation to New Heights

Discover How Zenphi Transforms Your Google Workspace Automation Challenges into Opportunities
Solved By Zenphi
Limited Capabilities for Non-Developers

Apps Script requires coding knowledge, making it less accessible to non-developers.

Slows down process automation development for teams without coding skills.

Zenphi offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, enabling users of all skill levels to create automations.

Complex Integration Processes

Integrating external services or APIs with Apps Script can be complex and code-intensive.

Increases development time and potential for errors in integration.

Zenphi provides seamless, code-free integrations with a wide array of services and APIs. 

Scalability Concerns

As projects grow, managing and scaling Apps Script solutions can become cumbersome.

Limits the efficiency and scope of automation as business needs expand.

Zenphi’s architecture is built for scalability, allowing effortless expansion of automations.

Error Handling and Debugging

Debugging and error handling in Apps Script can be challenging, especially for complex scripts.

Increases maintenance time and can lead to disruptions in workflow automations.

Zenphi allows to set up error alerts and notifies what segment of the flow is broken.

User Permissions and Security

Managing permissions and security within Apps Script, especially for assets shared across teams, requires careful coding and oversight.

Raises concerns over data security and access control within automated workflows.

Zenphi ensures secure automation with easy-to-manage user permissions and advanced security features.

Limited Support for Non-Google Services

Apps Script is primarily designed for Google Workspace services, limiting its utility with non-Google platforms.

Restricts the ability to automate workflows that rely on a diverse ecosystem of applications and services (CRM, ERP systems and more)

Zenphi bridges this gap by offering integrations with numerous non-Google platforms, enhancing workflow capabilities. Check our list of integrations

Apps Script automation, minus the scripting, debugging & maintenance

Whether you’re looking to automate processes between Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Docs, email or any other business app, scripting isn’t your only option. 

Zenphi’s flexible workflow builder enables Apps Script users to achieve significantly more in their work days by enabling processes of any complexity to be built, edited and maintained in a fraction of the time it takes to code.

The result? Quality, accurate and reliable processes allowing you and your team to focus on achieving more strategic, high-priority and interesting tasks that bring greater value to your business and your clients. 

Connect all your business tools in one platform

Zenphi process automation doesn’t stop at Google Workspace. Connect, complete and automate your business processes with our comprehensive suite of integrations available – including HubSpot, Jira, Asana, Docusign, Typeform and many more.

Custom API support is also available, along with web hooks and web requests for unique integration requirements.

Zenphi: Powering Teams Of All Shapes & Sizes

Zenphi gives us the best no-code experience to implement Google Workspace automation. We were able to effectively reduce automation scripting time by 80% compared to Apps Script! Zenphi has also given us exceptional support to help us deliver the solutions to our clients. Great product, great team!

Clement Chan, Head of Services


We’re short of staff so we automate repeating tasks in our day-to-day workflow. We switched from App Script to Zenphi and we've been smiling since that day. The creation of an automation is done in 90% less time. And on top of that, we don't have to code and do the painstaking debugging anymore. Bottom line: with Zenphi as our secret weapon we’ll fix process automations in a blink of an eye.

drs. Kees-Jan Diepstraten, Director


With Google Appsheet we’ve built an extensive and varying amount of applications for our clients. Appsheet is great for building intuitive custom applications but lacks the ability to create complex workflows running in the background. Integrating Zenphi with our client’s Appsheet apps and other Google Workspace products means we can automate almost anything!

Donny Kool

No Code Digital

Zenphi lets us quickly automate processes that span multiple applications, and reuse clients' earlier investments in Google Sheets, Forms, etc. Now we don't have to migrate data to new applications, and we can edit a process to meet new requirements in a couple of hours. Zenphi creates opportunities and makes us less dependent on scarce Apps Script consultants to automate Google Workspace processes.

Managing Partner

Sales, Marketing & Business Development Consultancy

We'll help you get started

Are you new to automation or wanting advice on the best way to set up your Google workflows? 

Our dedicated Customer Success team and network of implementation partners ensure you’re never alone when it comes to understanding how to make the most of your automation opportunities.

Simply book a free, no-obligation call with one of our friendly Automation Experts. We’ll help you get set up at no cost, and work with you to build your first automated flow.


Zenphi is a no-code automation platform designed to streamline Google Workspace processes. It offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface for automating tasks, providing an accessible alternative to the coding required by Google Apps Script.

Absolutely. Zenphi allows for comprehensive automation of tasks across Google Workspace with precision and flexibility, matching the capabilities you’d expect from custom-coded solutions in Google Apps Script.

Zenphi stands out from other automation platforms by being specifically designed for Google Workspace users. It enables you to automate the majority of your daily IT tasks effortlessly, utilizing nothing more than your existing Google Workspace account for a seamless experience.

Zenphi seamlessly integrates with various Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and more, enabling automated workflows that streamline data transfer and task execution within the ecosystem.

Zenphi offers a no-code, drag-and-drop editor that enables you to build automated processes in minutes, not hours like coding from scratch would require. It eliminates errors and alleviates the ongoing headache of maintaining code for constantly updating APIs.

Yes, Zenphi prioritizes security and compliance to ensure that your data and automated processes are protected. It adheres to industry-standard security measures, providing a reliable and secure environment for your automation needs. Learn more about Zenphi’s security policy. 

With Zenphi, you can automate a wide range of workflows, including document approvals, data entry and synchronization, email notifications, user management tasks, and much more, all tailored to your specific business needs.

Zenphi enhances team collaboration and operational efficiency by automating routine tasks and workflows, freeing up time for strategic work. Its centralized platform allows for easy creation, management, and sharing of automated workflows, ensuring that team members are aligned and can focus on high-value activities.