Google Workspace (G Suite) Document Approval Workflow Automation

Documents are an essential aspect of daily business operations, serving as the foundation for sharing, approving, maintaining, and improving various types of business data. However, relying solely on manual processes can often lead to disorganization and inefficiencies in collaboration. As a result, many workplaces are turning to document workflow automation to optimize their processes and enhance productivity.

As many of our processes are formed and centered around documents, saving time and minimizing the risk of error with document approval workflow automation is key to a productive workplace. These can range from single step processes to more complex multi-step approval processes, where a document is sent back and forth multiple times between multiple people or departments.

Regardless of the level of complexity, you need a reliable, easy to update and secure solution in place to minimize manual touchpoints and speed up approvals to keep your team, clients and/or suppliers happy. With zenphi, this is easily achievable in a matter of drags and drops, and without needing to write or understand code.

We’ll show you how to achieve this with zenphi soon, but first, let’s explore why you should prioritize document workflow automation for approvals. Here are top reasons:

Save time & resources

Document approval workflows, even what should be your most simple ones, can be incredibly time-consuming. If they require multiple steps and stakeholders, these approvals can drag out for days (or even weeks) longer than they need to, if your workflows and communications are handled manually. With zenphi, simply set these workflows on autopilot, triggered by the submission of any document, enabling you to save significant time and resources every week.

Minimize error & increase accountability

With a real-time overview of the status of all documents, you can quickly address bottlenecks, ensure the right documents are reviewed by the right people at the right time, minimize risk of manual error, and improve overall accountability across your business.

Enhance security & compliance

Zenphi’s document workflow automation enables you to create customized workflows that reflect your business’ policies and procedures, ensuring reliably compliant and secure approval processes, every time. Access and permission controls can also be maintained, ensuring you consistently control who has access to each document, when they have access, and what they can do with the document to keep sensitive information protected and maintain compliance requirements.

Streamline processes to boost productivity

With streamlined approval workflows to reduce manual errors and ensure that documents are approved quickly and efficiently, you and your team can focus more time on higher value tasks, rather than being bogged down by time-consuming manual processes.

As you can see, the question of whether or not to automate really is a no-brainer. Here’s how you can get started with your document approval process or workflow on Google Workspace, using zenphi:

For sequential processes, simply add as many Approval Task Actions as required to your Flow in a suitable order.

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For more complex scenarios, you can use State Machine.

Say, in order for a document to be published, the editor needs to approve the document and then you need to get the VP’s and Legal’s approval. However, the VP or legal team may send it back to the editor with some review comments, and the editor will push it to the VP again after incorporating the review comments.

You can achieve all of this in one Flow instance, using State Machine:


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And that’s it! Set any repetitive approval workflow on autopilot and quickly adjust any step in your process with ease, using zenphi.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a more comprehensive guide to automating your document approval workflow, plus how to make the most of Intelligent Document Processing for Google Workspace.

You can also learn more about Google Workspace (G Suite) document workflow management and approvals through our Youtube Channel, with step-by-step videos on how to achieve your automations.


Next Steps

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