For many of us, data is synonymous with a document, and our businesses rely heavily on documents. That’s why services like Google Drive, DropBox, etc. are more popular than ever. 

It also means that a lot of our processes are formed around documents, and Document Approval Workflow Automation has become serious need. Sometimes the approval is a one or more step sequential approval process, and sometimes it’s a more complex multi-step approval process, where the document can be sent back and forth multiple times between multiple people or departments.

zenphi enables you achieve both easily with a few drag drops and without needing to write code

For sequential processes you just add as many Approval Task Actions as required to your Flow in a suitable order.

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For more complex scenarios, you can use State Machine. Say, in order for a document to be published, the editor needs to approve the document and then you need to get VP’s and Legal’s approval. However, the VP or legal may send it back to the editor with some review comments, and the editor will push it to VP again after incorporating the review comments. You could do all of this in one Flow instance, using State Machine 

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You can learn more about Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Document Approval Workflows through our Youtube Channel.

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