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Until recently, automating a business process required significant time and cost investment, including days, weeks, or even months of scripting, debugging, and maintaining repetitive code. For many businesses, the complexity, cost and requirement for developers to complete projects has simply made automation out of reach.

With Zenphi, consider this a thing of the past. Empowering users to easily build modern, reusable solutions to automate their repetitive tasks that require little maintenance time and effort, Zenphi sets mundane, manual processes on autopilot - in only a fraction of the time it takes to code.

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To us, it’s not about replacing human work with automation - it’s about how much more we can achieve, every day, to push the boundaries and boost growth for any business.

Our founders

Vahid Taslimi, CEO & Co-founder

Vahid is a passionate leader with extensive experience in software and SaaS products. Prior to founding zenphi with Steve and Aravin, Vahid helped to guide the market-leading process automation platform Nintex through significant growth as the VP of Product before taking the opportunity to put his experience to good use a second time around!

Aravin cofounder

Aravinthan Srinivasan, CTO & Co-founder

The mastermind behind the zenphi platform, Aravin is a passionate software engineer with more than a decade of experience in software design and development. Also a previous Nintex team member for almost 4 years before departing in 2016, he leads zenphi’s technical team to bring modern process automation ideas to life.

Steve Heaney, COO & Co-founder

Steve is no stranger to the process automation space, having previously been in the Nintex team from the very beginning, and finishing as the CTO after significant growth in 2016. Having lived and breathed process automation for most of his career, Steve was excited to have another opportunity to disrupt the market, this time with a focus on Google Workspace.

Why Zenphi?

With extensive backgrounds in no-code process automation for Microsoft-focused solutions, but not able to find a Google-specific equivalent, our founders saw an opportunity and ran with it. Fast-forward a couple of years, and Zenphi is now at the forefront, pioneering with the only no-code process automation tool  for Google Workspace that harnesses advanced AI for sophisticated automation capabilities, alongside a suite of thoughtfully developed integrations with leading business apps. 

Built on a modern technology stack and leveraging AI models, Zenphi is cloud-native, designed for optimal cloud performance. This efficiency allows us to extend cost savings to every customer, making transformative software with intelligent automation accessible to teams and businesses of any size.

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