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Redefining Legal Productivity — Focus on What Matters

Automate Routine Documentation and Data Management With Zenphi to Free Up Time for Impactful Initiatives.

Robust Legal Document Management System Within Familiar Google Workspace

Time Saving Up To


Automation of routine legal processes with Zenphi cuts the time required for creating, reviewing, and managing legal documents by up to 70%. This includes contracts, NDAs, and compliance documents.

Legal departments can and firms using Zenphi have reduced the need for additional staffing for document management by up to 40%. This translates into significant savings on payroll and related expenses.

Operational Cost Cuts By


Improved Accuracy By Up To


Error reduction in document processing was improved by up to 99% with Zenphi-powered automation. Our platform helps to ensure that documents are correctly handled and archived without human error.


Legal teams using Zenphi cite efficient volume management as the biggest benefit. With Zenphi, they can handle fluctuating document flows without any changes to staffing

Manage Fluctuating Workload With High Cost-Efficiency

Zenphi enables legal teams to harness the power of Google Workspace applications and advanced AI for intelligent document processing. This combination allows for scaling operations without proportionate increases in resources or complexity, managing more cases and documents without sacrificing quality or timelines. It  enhances efficiency and ensures the most cost-efficient execution.

Increase Focus on High-Value Work

Zenphi enables your legal team to deal with what matters the most, leaving all mundane tasks to automation. By reducing the time legal professionals spend on administrative tasks, Zenphi frees them to focus on more strategic and fulfilling aspects of their jobs, increasing job satisfaction and reducing staff turnover.

Unlimited Automations For All Your Legal Processes Within A Department Or Company-Wide

Zenphi’s drag and drop platform enables you to create self-service pathways for time-consuming manual work to re-focus the legal staff on high-impact assignments. Document generation, document assembly, digital signature, extracting information from pdf or scanned documents, multi-step approval loops; you can achieve complete legal document automation, all with zenphi, without writing code.

Contract Management

Automate the creation, review, and approval of contracts. Leverage Zenphi's templates for the process and Generative AI to create 100% customized agreements and contracts that reflect your business needs and every customer's requirements.

Contract Approval

Standardize and automate the process for the Legal team to review and approve contracts and agreements (e.g,. sales contracts) prior to external entity review and execution.

Legal Billing and Expense Management

Automate time tracking, invoice generation, approval and emailing ensuring customers cover your bills in time. Use a different flow to automate expense approvals specific to legal operations to ensure accuracy and timely reimbursement.

Case Management Automation

Automate task assignments, deadline reminders, and updates to cases to keep all team members informed and on track. Create new folders for new cases and route all incoming documentation into relevant folders — all without human interference, error-free and within seconds after they get into your mailbox.

Compliance Tracking

Automate your compliance tracking process to organize and streamline all your audits across various compliance certifications. Use dashboards to show your company how you can measure metrics with your certifications. Easily automate your workflow to track the process of SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance.

NDA Requests

Automate your NDA request, generation and signature process. Enable employees to submit a Google Form to send an NDA to a third party, automatically generate an NDA using the provided information on the Google Form, get the generated document reviewed by the legal team, and send it to the customer through an electronic signature service. Once signed, notify the requester and save a copy in the third party’s folder.


Celebrating Their Wins With Our Solution

Zenphi has revolutionized our approach to compliance management. The blend of Google Workspace with AI-powered features from Zenphi ensures that our compliance processes are not only streamlined but also more accurate and efficient. We can now handle complex compliance requirements with ease, significantly reducing our risk of penalties and enhancing our ability to maintain rigorous standards.
Andy Neveau
CEO, Legal firm

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Zenphi can automate a range of legal processes including contract management, compliance monitoring, document control, litigation support, and intellectual property management.

You can begin by signing up for a free trial to explore Zenphi’s capabilities firsthand. However, to fully leverage our platform and tailor it to your specific needs, we recommend speaking with our experts. They can assist you in building and optimizing your workflows, ensuring a smooth and effective integration into your operations.

Yes, Zenphi is designed to be user-friendly, allowing non-technical legal staff to set up, customize, and manage automations with ease.

Not necessarily. Zenphi offers integrations with most CRMs and popular applications, and our generative AI functionalities—including document translation, data extraction, and routine automation—operate independently of Google Workspace. However, Google Workspace users will enjoy additional benefits, such as significant cost reductions and seamless integration within their existing workflows.

Zenphi leverages AI for intelligent document processing, such as automatically extracting data from documents, generating custom agreements, and enhancing search capabilities within legal documents.

Yes, Zenphi prioritizes security, offering robust data protection measures to ensure that sensitive legal information is securely managed and compliant with industry standards. Learn more about Zenphi’s data security policy.