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Unlock the full potential of Google Workspace for tour retail or wholesale operations. Streamline financial operations, new hires onboarding, marketing communications with customers and more. 

Unlock The Power Of Google Workspace For Retail & Wholesale Workflow Management

Time Saving Up To


Zenphi enables you to automate multiple operations within retail and wholesale business, saving up to 90% of time. Through automating finance operations (like invoice and accounts payable processing), legal document management, Zenphi enhance your operational efficiency at a fraction of a cost and x2 times faster than advanced enterprise-level ERP systems. Read more on this here.

Leveraging the full potential of Google Workspace, automating data exchange between Google Apps (Gmail, Sheets. Forms, etc) and integrating them with other solutions, companies in Retail and Wholesale vertical achieve an impressive reduction in operational costs by up to 32%. This effect is achieved by reducing the need for manual intervention, lowering the risk of errors and cutting labor costs associated with repetitive tasks like document management and financial processing.

Operational Cost Cuts By Up To


Improved Cash Flow Management


By automating invoice processing with Zenphi, Retail and Wholesale businesses significantly sped up their billing cycles. Zenphi’s intelligent document processing ensures that invoices are processed quickly and accurately. Faster processing allows businesses to take advantage of early payment discounts and manage obligations more effectively, improving cash flow and enhancing liquidity.

A US-based food supplier reduced costs by 90% using Zenphi

Learn how H&H Purchasing (Florida, USA) increased invoice processing efficiency by 600% using Zenphi.


Retail & Wholesale business using Zenphi report significant increase in the efficiency of operations and employee satisfaction level which results into decreased staff turnover.

Streamline Any Process Within Familiar Environment

Step into the future of  workflow management with Zenphi’s bespoke automation solutions for retail and distribution. Designed specifically for Google Workspace, our tools facilitate impeccable finance and legal document management, enhance administrative efficiency, and streamline onboarding processes. Dive into a world where marketing operations are automated, ensuring consistent and effective email communications with customers and employees through transactional emails and newsletters. Choose Zenphi for a smarter, more cost efficient business.

Decreased Staff Turnover

Zenphi’s automation capabilities can take over repetitive and mundane tasks, alleviating the burden on your staff in a demanding retail environment. An automated employees onboarding process managed by Zenphi makes the transition smoother for new hires, reducing the initial overwhelm. Furthermore, by automating communication within the business, Zenphi ensures that misunderstandings — a core contributor to employee burnout — are significantly reduced.

Replacing Endless Paperwork And Eliminating Errors

Zenphi unlocks the power of Google Workspace with no-code automation, frees your staff from manual work and eliminates human-related errors completely.

Legal Document Management

Zenphi streamlines legal document management by automating data extraction from PDFs, creating custom documents from Google Sheets using generative AI, simplifying the approval process with easy-to-set-up workflows, emailing documents for signatures and so much more.

Automation In Finance & Accounting

Utilizing advanced invoice parsing, document OCR, and generative AI, alongside Google Workspace-based approval workflows, Zenphi streamlines financial management, improves accuracy, and accelerates payment cycles.

IT Operations Automation

Zenphi revolutionizes IT operations in educational institutions by automating a range of tasks including IT help desk requests, student onboarding, asset access management, updates to third-party solutions and more.


Celebrating Their Wins With Our Solution

Using Zenphi, we successfully automated our new hire process. By extracting email data from our HRIS system, Zenphi efficiently parses relevant information and stores it as variables. This automated process seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, ensuring smooth communication and data management throughout the onboarding journey.
Kevin Vacanti
Advanced IT Support Specialist, Purple Wave Auction

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Zenphi can automate a variety of tasks including finance and accounting processes like invoice and AP processing automation, IT operations such as help desk requests and student onboarding, legal document management, and automating Google Workspace administration tasks like monitoring external file sharing and managing user accounts.

Zenphi ensures data security through automated workflows that comply with industry standards. Features that enhance Google data loss prevention measures like restricted access management and automatic monitoring of external file sharing help safeguard sensitive information and maintain regulatory compliance.

Absolutely. Zenphi is equipped to manage complex document workflows by automating the document generation and assembly, document creation, approval, and distribution of legal and financial documents. It integrates OCR and AI for data extraction and uses Google Workspace for seamless workflow approvals.

Zenphi automates and streamlines communication by facilitating consistency through automated workflows for custom emails and newsletters, ensuring your customers and employees are kept up to date.

Zenphi stands out for its flexibility and 100% customization. It is designed to meet the unique needs of your business, capturing and enhancing your competitive advantages instead of eliminating them. Unlike template-based automation platforms, Zenphi doesn’t disregard your uniqueness and “secret sauce” of operations. It allows you to thrive by eliminating the error factor from workflows and reducing the burden of manually running them.

Zenphi has already dozens of in-built integrations, including integrations with the most popular CRM systems: HubSpot, Zoho and Salesforce. However, if you don’t see an integration with your CRM in our list of available integrations, don’t get discouraged. Reach out to our support team, and we’ll be able to build a custom integration for you.