Finance & AP Automation Software That Boosts the Bottom Line

Cut costs, minimize errors, and deliver quicker service with financial process automation on Google Workspace.

Eliminate Data Entry Errors Through Automation

Some tasks just don’t need human intervention anymore. Automate menial data entry to ensure compliance and minimize your risk of error.

Remove Document Centric Processes Bottlenecks

Automating document-centric workflows accelerates approvals and sign-off through the system, delivering and improved customer service experience.

Unlock Collaboration Between Teams

Significant collaboration is required within finance teams. Automation cuts down waiting times by allowing employees to visualize how projects flow between teams.

Free up your AP team from mundane tasks

Put mundane, time-consuming tasks like extracting information from documents on autopilot with just a few drags and drops. Utilize your AP team’s time on much more productive tasks with reliable accounts payable automation.

Harness the Power of AI to Automate Invoice Processing

Easily leverage the power of AI to automatically extract data from invoice documents. Use the extracted information as part of your workflow automation with just a few drags and drops. No coding is required.

Financial Process Automation That Delivers Results

Nowhere is being error-free more critical than in the world of finance from both a regulatory and compliance perspective, yet many companies still rely on humans to extract and input crucial information daily. This process is time-consuming and mistake-prone, but it no longer has to be. Introducing Zenphi no-code automation – the Google Workspace process wizard. Using Zenphi, you can automate your finance processes with just a few drags and drops.

Invoice Processing Automation

Automate your invoice processing tasks to save time, money, increase productivity, and avoid human errors. Monitor and inbox for the incoming invoices. Use AI to extract data from invoices, validating the data against it’s purchase order, and feeding it to other systems and teams for approval.

Purchase Order Processing Automation

Save time, money, increase productivity, and avoid human errors by automating your purchase order processing tasks. Monitor an inbox or a cloud folder for incoming purchase orders, then use AI to extract data from invoices, and feed it to other systems and teams for approval.

Budget Review & Approval

Automate the review process for quarterly budgets to go through appropriate approvals with the Finance team. Once approved, the Accounting team is informed to update their forecasts.

Generate Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Documents

Automate generation reports required for your QBR or monthly review meetings based on the data from Google Sheets, your accounting software, or other sources.

Supplier Invoice Processing

Free up your accounts payable team with AP automation software by automating your supplier invoice processing tasks with a few drag and drops. Configure zenphi to watch an inbox for incoming invoices, extract information from those invoices, validate the information, send them to the right cost center owner for approval. Once approved, assign a task to your AP team for payment processing. Create a centralized dashboard to get insights into the whole process and defined KPIs.

Expense Reimbursement

Automate your expense approval and reimbursement process. Enable employees to submit their expense claims through a Google Form, route the expense to the employee’s manager, and once approved, send it to the accounts payable team for processing.

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