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Seamless and intelligent IT operations automation for Google Workspace users. Optimize processes and ensure compliance with minimal effort. 

Transform Your Google Workspace Experience

Improve Your Compliance By Up To


Ensure your organization meets stringent data protection regulations. Zenphi helps you to keep your Google Workspace secure and fully compliant, reducing the risk of data breaches and penalties.

Streamline user account provisioning and management using Zenphi, significantly reducing the time and complexity involved in handling user accounts in organizations of any size.

Boost User Management Efficiency By


Cut Google Workspace Costs By Up To


Optimize your Google Workspace license management, eliminating overspending on unused or underutilized accounts. Stay within budget without compromising on functionality.


100% of IT Directors using Zenphi for IT automations report a significant improvement in operational efficiency and team collaboration

Do more with Google Workspace through automation

Leverage your existing investment in Google Workspace and achieve greater efficiency with Zenphi IT workflow automation.

Drastically decrease time to market for your IT solutions by leveraging the most powerful yet easy-to-use IT process automation platform.

Deliver Better Customer Service

Respond faster and expedite service requests to deliver higher quality service to customers. 

Achieve greater efficiency by automating frequent repetitive tasks and focusing on more mission-critical assignments rather than time-consuming manual operations.

Streamline Your Operations Using Google Workspace and Zenphi

On top of the strategic projects, IT’s ever-growing backlog of requests from other departments means that you need a modern, sophisticated, easy-to-use tool to support your business operation. With zenphi’s no-code IT operations automation solution, you can automate any process from simple mundane tasks to sophisticated workflows in a matter of hours – not days. You focus on the process and leave deployment, infrastructure management, scaling, and security to Zenphi.

IT Service Desk Request

Automate your IT service desk request process to standardize inputs from requesters, control priorities, track communication, and gain insight into what’s happening in a single place. Put the whole process on autopilot, monitor ticket status through dashboards, free up your IT resources and provide a better service.

Employee’s IT Asset Management

Easily automate your IT asset management workflow end to end. Enable employees to request IT devices through a form, keep track of the device delivery and any communication required, and keep an inventory of asset allocation all within zenphi.

Google Data Loss Prevention

Enhance your Google Workspace data security and compliance level through automation. By setting up automated workflows for Google Admin tasks like external files sharing audits, revoking access for departing users, license management and more, you eliminate errors and improve security.

Google Workspace License Management

Automatically identify inactive users in your Google Workspace account, export them as a list to review, and revoke Google Workspace licenses for the approved users.

Third Party Software Package Management

Automate the process of gaining approval to use a third party component in your software product. Keep an up-to-date registry of the approved components and their versions, and and automatically notify component users if a vulnerability is found.

New Employee Oboarding

By automating the process of new employee onboarding (from signing an agreement to email signature updates) you ensure smooth end-to-end employee experience, improve security protocols and streamline operations company-wide.

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Celebrating Their Wins With Our Solution

After we automated user management tasks with Zenphi, we not only saved time, we were able to reduce our workload significantly. Now, the team is capable on focusing on the assignments that are more crucial for supporting business growth.
Endy Coghan
Team Lead, NPS Solutions

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Our dedicated Customer Success team and network of implementation partners ensure you’re never alone when it comes to understanding how to make the most of your IT operations automation opportunities.

Simply sign up for a trial and book in a free, no-obligation call with one of our friendly Automation Experts. We’ll help you get set up at no cost, and work with you to build your first automation.

Case study: Emerson College Boost Data Security Level

Learn how a large US-based college enhances its Google Data Security levels by automating mundane Google Admin tasks (like external file sharing audits and more). 


Google Account Management automations you can build today to boost your productivity and efficiency of operations.


With Zenphi, IT operation automation is easy. You can automate a wide range of IT processes, including IT service desk requests, employee IT assets management, and office access requests, all seamlessly within Google Workspace for unparalleled efficiency and streamlined operations.

To begin automating your IT operations with Zenphi, simply sign up with your Google account to our platform. You can start experiencing the benefits immediately by taking advantage of our free trial today. Dive into a world of efficiency and streamlined IT processes!

Zenphi stands out from other automation platforms by being specifically designed for Google Workspace users. It enables you to automate the majority of your daily IT tasks effortlessly, utilizing nothing more than your existing Google Workspace account for a seamless experience.

Zenphi enhances your automation capabilities beyond AppSheet, allowing you to develop sophisticated workflows that extend the possibilities of what you can achieve with AppSheet alone. Consider AppSheet for data collection and Zenphi as the robust engine orchestrating complex processes and facilitating seamless team collaboration on automation tasks. Learn more about it

Zenphi offers a no-code, drag-and-drop editor that enables you to build automated processes in minutes, not hours like coding from scratch would require. It eliminates errors and alleviates the ongoing headache of maintaining code for constantly updating APIs.

Zenphi facilitates the automation process, ensuring your data remains within your Google Workspace environment for utmost security and control. Learn more about Zenphi’s data security policy.