Workflow for Google Workspace (G Suite) 

Achieve more with powerful, purpose-built Google Workspace workflow automation, code-free.

Zenphi enables teams to automate their business processes across Google Workspace up to 90% faster than with GAM or Apps Script. Whether you’re an IT Director, administrator of Google Workspace, or an end-user, zenphi’s no-code platform is designed to make your work easier, more efficient, and more secure.

Automated Workflows with Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and more

The Google suite provides powerful productivity tools for any team or department in an organization. Individually, the Google Workspace apps are great, but manually managing updates, approvals and files company-wide can become time consuming and lead to unnecessary delays or errors. With zenphi, you can use any Google tool such as Forms, Gmail or Sheets within any workflow, connect other business apps like Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce and Slack, and set your repetitive manual tasks on autopilot. 

Plus, you can achieve all of this without having to write, debug and maintain code – with no compromise on complexity, compliance or security. 


Sophisticated workflow management for Google Workspace

Managing processes in Google Workspace can be challenging, particularly when these span  multiple teams, departments and workflows. When automating with code, teams become reliant on the business’ scarce development resources, creating unnecessary delays for even small edits and adjustments. 

Zenphi’s no-code platform empowers more team members to automate processes, reducing reliance on developers for creating, updating and maintaining a wide range of automations. With zenphi, all processes are created and managed in a centralized location, making it easy to track progress and redirect valuable time to achieve more strategic tasks that can’t be automated.


Secure, compliant & consistent 

With zenphi’s automated workflows for Google Workspace, enable your teams to maintain strict security and compliance standards across your business without the need for constant manual monitoring. Simply set up automated Google Drive audits, employee offboarding processes, file unsharing actions, activity alerts, and more – in a fraction of the time it takes to write and maintain code. 

Complete Google Workspace Administration management

With a mountain of responsibilities including app and user management, security and more, tasks can quickly build up and productivity can suffer for IT admins if only manual or slow to update processes are in place. With zenphi, administrators of Google Workspace can automate almost any task including user on- and offboarding, app provisioning and security audits, freeing up significant time for IT admins to focus on their more complex and strategic tasks without being weighed down by repetitive daily tasks. 


Empower your team with the tools to succeed

With automation and optimization at your fingertips, let zenphi be your competitive advantage.  Create customized, easily editable and secure automations for any Google Workspace process, manage your workflows in a centralized location, simplify Google administrative tasks, and automate any repetitive manual task for any team.

Whether you’re an IT administrator or an end-user, streamline your processes and boost productivity with Google Workspace workflow automation.

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