Google Workflow Automation Platform for CIOs, IT Directors & IT Admins

As a CIO, IT Director or an IT Administrator, one of your key objectives is to ensure strategic and high profile technology projects are planned and executed well – with significant time often spent to make sure it stays so.

However, it’s only a matter of time before your department is inundated with requests for smaller projects from different departments. Your HR colleague needs help to automate his onboarding process, the VP of Sales needs you to automate her Sales Operations process between Salesforce and a reporting tool, and on top of that, you receive daily ad-hoc requests for minor but time-consuming updates to existing processes or administrative tasks like creating a Google Group for a new team.

We all know the toll constantly switching context can take on your team, and how it distracts you from achieving strategic objectives. That’s where a modern, automated Google workflow platform can step in to create serious efficiencies, cost savings and opportunity for growth by keeping your team focused more on higher value initiatives, and less on the mundane repetitive tasks that should be automated.

So, you begin to create an ‘Army of Makers’ in your company by bringing in a no-code Google workflow automation tool like zenphi to enable your colleagues to automate their own processes, without relying on developers to create, manage and update every automation for every department. 

While this is great, there are a few points to consider to keep your Army of Makers on track with the new no-code tool, and ensure they create solutions that can scale – without compromising security or compliance. You may also want the ability to perform chargebacks based on each department’s usage, which requires central reporting to do so.

With zenphi, this is all possible – and more. Zenphi is a modern process automation platform built specifically for Google Workspace businesses, enabling users to automate any process or workflow up to 90% faster than with code or Apps Script

Zenphi enables you to create separate workspaces for each department/group with specific user permissions, in the closest datacenter to each group, addressing data sovereignty concerns. External integrations can also be configured separately for each workspace, for example Salesforce integration can be turned on for your Sales workspace, while remaining off for other workspaces where it is not required. Even better, you can also report on individual workspace usage for quick and easy chargeback purposes. 

All of the above can be achieved centrally, without compromising security or data sovereignty for your business, ensuring peace of mind for everyone involved.

Now it’s time to start creating your Army of Makers with confidence! Schedule a tailored 1:1 demo or start your free trial to begin boosting productivity and performance across your IT department.

Are you interested, but concerned you don’t have the time to implement a new tool? We’ve all been there – we understand. Schedule a call with our team where we’ll help you to automate your first process, and if needed, create a plan to build and implement more extensive workflows or processes to ensure you succeed as quickly as possible.