zenphi: a Google Workflow Automation Platform for CIOs, IT Directors & IT Admins

zenphi: a Google Workflow Automation Platform for CIOs, IT Directors & IT Admins

As a CIO, IT Director, or an IT administrator, one of your main objectives is to make sure strategic and high profile technology projects are well planned and executed. And you and your team spend quite a bit of time to make sure it stays so.

However, it will be just a matter of time before your department starts getting a lot of requests for smaller projects from your colleagues in different departments. Your HR colleague needs some help to automate his onboarding process, the VP of sales wants some help with automating her Sales Operation process between Salesforce and a reporting tool, and on top of that you get lots of ad-hoc requests for things like creating a Google Group for team.

We all know the kind of toll context switching takes on your teams and how it distracts you from your strategic objectives. 

That’s probably when you start creating an army of Makers in your company, by bringing in a no code solution like zenphi, and enabling your colleagues to automate their own processes

While creating an army of Makers is great, there are a few points you need to keep in mind to make sure your army of Makers don’t get into trouble by creating solutions which don’t scale, or don’t compromise security or compliance. You may also want to be able to do a chargeback based on the usage of each department, so you need to be able to centrally report on each department’s usage.

Zenphi is a Workflow Automation platform built from the ground up for Google Workspace. At zenphi, we understand all of the above points, so you can have a piece of mind when trusting zenphi to create your army of Makers.

Zenphi enables to create a workspace for each department/group with its specific user permissions, in the closet datacenter to the department/group to address data sovereignty concerns. You can also configure external integration for each workspace separately. For example you can turn on Salesforce integration for your Sales workspace and turn it off for the other workspaces. Even better, you can also report on each workspace usage for chargeback purposes.

You can do all of the above centrally without compromising any security or data sovereignty concerns.

So get started with zenphi, start creating an army of Makers with confidence.