Google Workspace (G Suite) Approval Workflows

Business processes often involve the requirement of approvals from one or more team members. As teams and businesses grow, their approval workflows become more complex and time-consuming. Without efficient systems in place, decision making can be delayed, mistakes can be made, and productivity can suffer.

Automating approval workflows on Google Workspace can help businesses to streamline their processes, increase efficiency, and improve decision making. 

One way in which you can easily achieve this is with a no-code automation tool like zenphi. Zenphi enables automations of any complexity to be built, including approval process or workflow automations, on Google Workspace and between almost any business application.

But first – what exactly is approval workflow automation?

What is approval workflow automation?

Approval workflows are the sequence of steps that a request or document goes through in order to be approved or rejected – in which humans play a critical role, whether the process is automated or not. Approval workflow automation is where businesses use software tools to manage and automate an approval process or workflow. 

Automation enables businesses to define rues and conditions for these requests, including who can approve or reject the requests, how long it should take to approve, and the steps that occur as a result of rejection. One these are defined, the software tool takes over to automatically route requests and keep track of their progress. This automation saves time, reduces the risk of error and inconsistencies, and provides greater visibility and control over the approval process. It’s a crucial tool for businesses that want to streamline their operations, improve decision making and ensure compliance. 

If your business operates on Google, then automated approval workflows can be achieved easily with zenphi’s Google Workspace (G Suite) workflow automation tool.

Automating approval workflows with zenphi

With zenphi, you can easily involve employees and team members in your approval processes in only a few drags and drops – without any code. As an example, if you want to automate your travel approval process where an employee submits a request using a Google Form, within zenphi’s flow builder you can drag and drop the ‘assign task’ action and configure it in a matter of minutes to get the manager’s approval.


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While the ‘assign task’ action on its own is useful, you’d usually need a few supporting actions as well. In the example above, we would normally want to dynamically look up the employee’s manager and assign the task to her. Zenphi’s extensive list of supporting actions covers all your process requirements. To find an employee’s manager, simply drag and drop the ‘get manager’ action and configure it to find the manager for the employee that submits the form. 

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And that’s it!

This is only one example of an approval workflow you can set up with zenphi, but as you can see, it’s a quick and easy way to streamline any approval process you may have within your business. Set any approval workflow on autopilot and easily adjust any step in your process with zenphi.

If you’d like to learn more about Google Workspace (G Suite) workflow management and automation, here’s a more comprehensive guide to automating your document approval workflow, plus how to make the most of Intelligent Document Processing for Google Workspace.

You can also learn more about Google Workspace (G Suite) document workflow management and approvals through our Youtube Channel, with step-by-step videos on how to achieve your automations.


Next Steps

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