Streamlined Automated Document Workflows

Automate your IT processes to reduce your IT backlog.

Deliver Better Customer Service

Respond more quickly and expedite service requests to deliver higher quality service to customers.

Greater Efficiency

By automating frequent repetitive tasks, IT can focus on more mission-critical tasks rather than time-consuming menial ones.

Automate your IT processes in a matter of hours

Drastically decrease the time to market your IT solutions by leveraging the most powerful yet easy-to-use workflow automation platform.

Do more with Google Workspace through automation

Leverage your existing investment in Google Workspace and achieve a lot more efficiency with Zenphi workflow automation.

Streamlined Automated IT Workflows

On top of the strategic projects, IT’s the ever-growing backlog of requests from other departments means that you need a modern, sophisticated, easy-to-use tool to support your business operation. Zenphi’s no-code Google Workspace automation platform enables you to automate your processes from simple mundane tasks to sophisticated workflows in a matter of hours. You focus on the process and leave deployment, infrastructure management, scaling, and security to Zenphi.

IT Service Desk Request

Automate your IT’s service desk request process to standardized inputs from requesters, control priorities, and track communication, and get insight into what’s happening in a single place! Put the whole process on auto-pilot, monitor tickets’ status through dashboards, free up your IT resources and provide a better service.

Employee’s IT Asset Management

Easily automate your IT’s asset management workflow end to end. Enable employees to request IT devices through a form. Keep track of the device delivery and any communication required. And keep an inventory of asset allocation all within zenphi.

Office Access Requests — Remote Work

Streamline the process for employees to request access to the office, get approval from their managers, followed by an approval from HR. And visualize all the information using dashboards to control and get visibility of who is accessing the office.

IT Requests — Remote Work

With most employees working remotely, it’s more important than ever to digize your processes and keep communication flowing. Standardize how you collect the information you need for remote work requests while maintaining full visibility of the IT team’s deliveries. Improve collaboration across teams and stakeholders with automated emails and alerts Establish full visibility and control over new tickets and transform manual tasks from legacy systems into a modern automated workflow.

Third Party Software Package Management

Automate the process of getting approval to use a third party component in your software product. Keep an up-to-date registry of the approved components and their versions. And automatically notifying component users if a vulnerability is found. Development teams use third party components in their code more than ever. With it comes the risk of security issues. Due to this and some regularity requirements, companies need to keep track of a list of third party components used in their software products. So, if a vulnerability is found in a specific package, the system can automatically notify the teams using it.

IT Incident Management

Automating the process of IT incident management, from reporting until it’s resolved. Organize tasks and priorities across your IT team. Keep track of incidents and get insights into incidents across your company. You can also create KPI dashboards for your IT team and monitor their response time.

Google Workspace License Management

Automatically identify inactive users in your Google Workspace account, export them as a list to review, and revok Google Workspace license for the approved ones.