Simplify Legal Document Automation and General Approval Processes

Empower legal staff to do higher-level work by automating menial tasks.

Re-Focus on Meaningful Work

Eliminate low-value time-intensive tasks with automation.

Ensure Compliance

Automatically generate documents, monitor approvals, and signatures, and always ensure i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Automated Contract Lifecycle Management Workflow

Easily automate your contract lifecycle management workflow using zenphi and Google Workspace to save time and eliminate human errors.

Automate the Legal Document Generation and Approval Process

Legal teams often deal with mountains of paperwork and workflows that get bogged down in the approval process. So much of the work is repetitive, almost robotic-type labor that saps team resources. Zenphi allows you to automate your legal processes on Google Workspace. Zenphi’s drag and drop platform enables you to create self-service pathways for time-consuming manual work to re-focus the legal staff on high-impact assignments. Document generation, document assembly, digital signature, extracting information from pdf or scanned documents, multi-step approval loops; you can achieve complete legal document automation, all with zenphi, without writing code.

Patent Review

Automate the process to submit and review proposals for new patents by the employees. The submitted application gets reviewed by the R&D team, and if approved, automatically send it to the legal team to review. Once approved, formally send to the patent attorney to lodge the application.

Contract Approval

Standardize and automate the process for the Legal team to review and approve contracts and agreements (e.g,. sales contracts) prior to external entity review and execution.

Customer Communication Approvals

Automate the process for the employees to obtain Legal's approval on customer communications to ensure they're contractually appropriate and compliant with your organization's Terms of Service.

Folder Creation For New Cases

Create a standard Google Drive folder structure for all new clients or cases being addressed by Legal. When a new folder is created, automatically create the relevant subfolders so the project is ready to go.

Compliance Tracking

Automate your compliance tracking process to organize and streamline all your audits across various compliance certifications. Use dashboards to show your company how you can measure metrics with your certifications. Easily automate your workflow to track the process of SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance.

NDA Requests

Automate your NDA request, generation and signature process. Enable employees to submit a Google Form to send an NDA to a third party, automatically generate an NDA using the provided information on the Google Form, get the generated document reviewed by the legal team, and send it to the customer through an electronic signature service. Once signed, notify the requester and save a copy in the third party’s folder.

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