Zenphi & AppSheet: The Ultimate Combination

Discover how you can supercharge your AppSheet apps with zenphi – the only no-code process automation platform built for Google Workspace.

In this webinar, gain an exclusive look into a real-life AppSheet application that has been enhanced with zenphi automation. Our guest speaker, Donny Kool of No Code Digital who has automated countless apps for his clients, will walk you through the process step-by-step.

AppSheet is undoubtedly a great platform for building custom intuitive applications, but it does have one limitation – complex workflows that run seamlessly in the background can not be created. This is where zenphi comes in. With zenphi providing modern, sophisticated automations in the background, you can easily enhance your AppSheet applications’ capabilities, with no code required.

Interested in seeing what you can achieve with your AppSheet apps and zenphi? Schedule a tailored 1:1 demo or start your free trial today.