ZENPHI Add-ons

Boost your process automations

Enhance your processes with intelligent document processing (IDP) and additional flow packs, enabling seamless end-to-end automations in a single platform.

Additional features available:

Please get in touch to discuss unique use-case and file size requirements. 

Invoice Parsing

$0.05 per page

Extract key information from invoices for immediate use within your processes such as:

  • Invoice numbers
  • Supplier names
  • Invoice & tax amounts
  • Invoice & due dates

Receipt Parsing

$0.05 per page

Extract key information from receipts for immediate use within your processes such as:

  • Supplier details
  • Total amounts
  • Tips
  • Other data types

Utility Bill Parsing

$0.15 per document, up to 10 pages

Extract key information from bills for immediate use within your processes such as:

  • Bill type (e.g. Electricity, gas, phone, etc)
  • Total amounts
  • Other data types

Form Processing

$0.10 per page

Easily create an AI model for your custom forms, and extract valuable information such as:

  • PDFs submitted
  • Scanned forms and more

Document OCR

$0.003 per page

Identify and extract text from documents, ready for use within any workflow, available in:

  • More than 200 languages for printed text, and 
  • 50 languages for handwritten text

Additional Flow Packs

$ Price on discussion

Run out of flows within your current subscription, but not ready to upgrade to the next tier?

Purchase additional flow packs to cover your workflow requirements. 



$25 per 1 million characters

Automatically translate any document or data entry into one or multiple languages. Keep your communication global.

  • Personalized emails
  • Personalized PDFs and DOcs and more

Sentiment Analysis

$1 per 1 million characters

Understand user sentiment automatically while setting your processes on autopilot. Build more advanced workflows based on these insights and improve your communication strategy

Generative AI

$0.04 per 1,000 tokens*

Enhances your process automation by using AI to  swiftly create custom documents & tailored email responses, handle inquiries and so many more.

* 500 words document (A4) is about 750 tokens

Want to learn more about IDP before diving in? Read Intelligent Document Processing, explained, or watch IDP in action

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