Elevate Efficiency through Manufacturing Process Automation

Optimize your entire production process through smart automation.

Make Better Decisions

Create a continuous automated flow of information and communicate this throughout your organization, and to suppliers and vendors, to improve accuracy and plan for shifts in demand.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Never worry about customers not having up-to-date information, with automated processes and updates.

Do What You Do Best

Let automation handle the repetitive time-consuming tasks across all aspects of your manufacturing, communications and business processes.

Elevate Efficiency Through Manufacturing Process Automation

Manufacturing is just as much about connecting people to products as it is about making them. That’s why manufacturers who streamline their supply chain with zenphi on Google Workspace can create shorter product cycles and win in today’s business climate. Connecting and unifying all your Google Workspace products and beyond can get faster real-time information across suppliers and distributors to improve the bottom line and deliver better service.

Incident Reporting

Automate your incident reporting and management process to improve response time and efficiency, free up your employees, and record details for auditing and reporting. Use dashboards to visualize and report on the incidents, KPIs and other insights you may be interested in.

Factory Risk Management Workflow

Automate your Factory Risk Management process to assist in risk reporting and in the process of implementing elimination and reduction actions.

Supply Chain Management

Automate your supply chain management workflow to automatically construct an annual business supply plan that includes everything from the purchase of raw materials to their arrival. Manage your supply chain workflow in a kanban view, continue to supply and demand planning, and document the details about procurement, manufacturing and storage of the product. Record and organize details about order fulfillment and transportation - all automated on a single, unified platform.

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