Enhance Productivity With HR Process Automation

Automate every part of your HR workflows.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Connect all of your recruitment workflows by integrating with existing platforms and apps to save time while improving recruiting outreach and employee engagement.

Provide a Superior Employee Experience

Build an engaging onboarding experience and process employee requests faster through automation.

Improve Team Collaboration

Remove silos, connect teams and departments, and give everyone with authority, internal or external, insights and visibility to your processes.

Improve Employee Retention

Liberate employees from mundane tasks with automated processes. Focus them on more productive tasks to increase employee happiness and improve your employee retention rate.

Improve The HR Experience With Automation

Provide the best HR experience possible to employees, candidates, and new hires. Zenphi empowers your team to focus on people rather than processes by automating HR workflows and relieving teams of repetitive tasks, putting the human back into Human Resources.

Work From Home Agreements

Create an automated process to generate work from home agreements for employees, send for signing using e-signature, and save a copy of the signed agreement in the employee’s folder.

New Headcount Approvals

Send a request for a new headcount, attach the job description, get it approved by the department head, HR, and Finance team.

Policy Change Approvals

Automate the process to review any changes to HR policies, to go through the appropriate approvals with the Legal, Compliance, and HR executives.

Employee Training Request

Create an automated workflow to enable your employees to request for a specific training, get it approved by their managers, and automatically enroll them in the training session. Record and track requests based on the cost centers or departments in your organization.

Employee Onboarding

Automate your HR onboarding process end to end in only a few drag and drops. Generate the offer letter, get HR approval, get it digitally signed by the candidate, perform background checks, provision a new account in Google Directory & other services, save a copy of the signed offer letter in the employee folder, assign a task to IT to order the required computers, set up a 1:1 meeting with the manager, and finally notify the team on the Slack channel of the new hire.

Covid-19 - Employees Health Status

Use an online form to ask each employee about their health and symptoms, and set automatic emails to check on them periodically. Get an insight into the status of your employees in a single place: Who is in quarantine? Who is recovering? And when they need assistance, you’ll be able to help your employees to find all the necessary information so they can get help as soon as possible.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) process is designed to define and execute steps required to improve an employee’s performance and keep track of progress in specific phases within the process. Automate your PIP plan end to end and get a visual insight into the progress.

Employee Feedback

The Employee Feedback process is essential for building a strong and strategic company culture. Collect, process and report on the feedback all in one place.

Employee Offboarding

The Employee Offboarding process is the final step in an employee's journey. With this flow you can automate your offboarding process to sign all documents, centralize employee feedback, collect IT devices, and revoke software access - all in a single automated flow.

Return to Work Permit - Vaccination Policy

Create a safe environment for your employees by automating the process of employees reporting their vaccination status, checking it against your company’s vaccination policy, and issuing a return to work permit accordingly.

Internal Training Management

Automate the process of scheduling and tracking of the required internal training for your staff. Get a visual overview of where everyone is at with their training, and generate a training completion certificate.

Employee Performance Review

Automate your employee performance review process end to end. Automatically schedule the sessions, collect feedback and review notes using digital forms, record each session data into the employee’s folder, and create dashboards to visualize employee and manager KPIs.

New Hire Checklist

Standardize and automate the process of scheduling and executing 30, 60, and 90 day checklists for the new employee, after the starting date.

Employee Referral

Automate the process of employee referral so that your employees can easily refer someone they know to open positions. Create a better experience and encourage them to refer more people.

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