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A simple tutorial on how to harness an AI-driven candidate sourcing. A great  use case of AI technology in recruiting that you can implement today in 6 easy steps

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No one would argue that finding the right talent for a business is critical. However, if you’re a fast-growing company or have a high staff turnover rate (like pretty much anyone in retail, hospitality, travel, and some other verticals), you’re destined to play a “numbers game.” There will be hundreds of applicants to check, thousands of polite rejection emails to send, and dozens of interviews to schedule every month.

As an HR professional, you most likely want to focus your attention on different aspects of your job rather than sifting through your mailbox repeatedly.

AI is here to the rescue! And you don’t even have to purchase an expensive subscription to AI-based hiring platforms. Modern LLMs (like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude, etc.) have everything you need to simplify your recruitment process. One can call it GPT recruitment or even ChatGPT hiring. We call it AI-based candidate sourcing.

What is AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing

AI-driven candidate sourcing is a way to source, process and hire the best candidates by leveraging the power of AI. It is already reshaping how organizations approach recruitment, automating the painstaking task of reviewing countless resumes. This not only saves time but also ensures a more objective, data-driven method for identifying the best of the best, eliminating human errors and old fashioned nepotism.

How AI-Driven CV Screening Works: A Detailed Process

Let’s see how exactly you can implement AI-based hiring through CV screening. For this you’ll need only two things: a Gmail account and Zenphi, the #1 Google workflows automation platform which is also great for HR processes automation. By reading this tutorial you will learn how by spending 10 minutes of your work time to build a simple process that would save you weeks. This is how you will streamline you hiring process:

1. Receiving CVs via Email

The process begins with candidates submitting their CVs in PDF or DOC format via email. Your workflow will be able to automatically capture these emails as they arrive and process them.

2. Extracting Data from CVs

Once a CV is received, your process will prompt AI to extract relevant data from the document. This includes extracting critical information such as work experience, education, skills, and other pertinent details.

3. Comparing Data with Job Description

The workflow we’ll build together will include a step where extracted data is then compared against the job description using advanced AI algorithms. This comparison evaluates how well the candidate’s qualifications match the job requirements.

4. Assigning a Score to Each Applicant

Based on the comparison, your workflow will also include a step which assigns a score to each applicant (again, leveraging AI-driven CV screening capabilities of LLMs). This score will reflect the candidate’s suitability for the position, with higher scores indicating a better match.

5. Creating Tasks for Line Managers

The process we’re about to build will allow you to automatically deal with high-scoring candidates and low-scoring ones. For High-Scoring Candidates (that is,  if a candidate’s score exceeds a predefined threshold (e.g., 7 out of 10), our workflow will create a task for a line manager to schedule an interview. As a result of this tep, the manager will receive an email notification with the task details, including the candidate’s score, a summary of why they are a good fit, and the attached CV.

6. Writing Rejection Emails

The last but not the least.  For Low-Scoring Candidates we’ll design a step that is suitable for the scenario where the candidate’s score is below the threshold. Our workflow will automatically send a polite rejection email to the candidate, explaining that they will not be proceeding further in the hiring process.

This AI-based hiring workflow will ensure that only the most qualified candidates move forward, enhancing the overall quality of hires and making the recruitment process more efficient and effective.

Video Tutorial On Using AI In HR Recruitment

Let’s get started! You can create a free Zenphi account here and follow along while building the same workflow for your organization.

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