3 HR Workflow Automation Templates You Need to Try

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As HR specialists, you are all too familiar with the myriad critical tasks that define a typical day in your team’s operations. From seamlessly preparing new team members for their first day to ensuring they have all the necessary resources, to managing and approving time-off requests, your responsibilities are vast. It’s not uncommon to wish for a touch of magic that could automate routine tasks, liberating you and your team to focus on creative work and strategic initiatives. Imagine a world where you can reclaim valuable time, optimize efficiency, and enhance employee happiness. HR workflow automation is the transformative technology that can make this vision a reality.

In this article, we will delve into the advantages of HR automation and showcase the three best templates provided by zenphi, a leading no-code business process automation platform designed specifically for Google Workspace users.


What is HR Workflow Automation?

Simply put, HR workflow automation refers to the utilization of technology to automate and streamline repetitive HR tasks, reducing the need for manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors. By eliminating time-consuming administrative responsibilities, HR professionals can redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives that foster organizational growth. The scope of HR workflow automation encompasses various activities such as employee onboarding, leave management, document generation, and more.

Organizations typically implement HR workflow automation through the use of no-code business process automation software. This software provides an intuitive visual builder that enables HR professionals to design automation workflows based on triggers and actions. Additionally, it allows for the tracking of process performance and seamless integration with the tools used on a daily basis.


How HR Workflow Automation Templates Can Help  

Templates play a pivotal role in HR workflow automation by providing pre-designed frameworks that can be easily customized and implemented. They are particularly helpful for those who are new to the concept of no-code automation. These templates act as blueprints, guiding HR professionals through the automation process without the need for coding or technical expertise. By utilizing templates, organizations can rapidly deploy automation solutions, saving valuable time and resources.

What HR Workflow Automation Templates Zenphi Offers

Zenphi is a leading provider of HR process automation tools, offering a wide range of options to streamline HR operations. Let’s look at the most popular templates used by HR teams: 

1. Employee Onboarding Template

The first impression sets the tone for a successful employee journey. With this workflow template, you can effortlessly automate the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth experience for new team members.

From generating welcome emails and provisioning user accounts to providing essential information and collecting necessary documentation, this template simplifies and standardizes the onboarding process, leaving no room for error.

Launch the Template

You know first-hand about the complexities, paperwork, and potential errors that can arise during the employee onboarding process. Recognizing these challenges, we have developed an Employee Onboarding template specifically tailored for Google Workspace users. This template offers a straightforward and efficient solution to streamline onboarding workflows while providing the flexibility to customize it according to your organization’s unique needs.

The Employee Onboarding template utilizes a user-friendly Google Form as the starting point for gathering all the necessary new team member information. Once the form is submitted, the template guides the workflow through a series of automated steps, ensuring a seamless and error-free onboarding experience.

First, the submission is routed to the hiring manager for approval. If approved, the workflow automatically generates an offer letter, which is then sent for digital signing to all parties involved. The signed documents are securely stored in a dedicated Google Drive folder, ensuring easy access and document management.

Simultaneously, the workflow creates a new Google Workspace user account, setting up a password and assigning necessary access privileges. It also triggers a task for the IT department to provision all the required equipment, schedule the employee’s welcome meeting, and send a comprehensive welcome email to the new team member, providing essential resources.

By utilizing the Employee Onboarding template, you can eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, reduce paperwork, and minimize the risk of errors. The automation streamlines the entire onboarding process, allowing HR professionals to focus on delivering a welcoming experience for new hires and nurturing their successful integration into the organization.

Customizing the template is straightforward, enabling you to adapt it to your organization’s unique requirements and variations in onboarding workflows. 

Watch the recording of one of our webinars to learn more:

2. Leave Request Template

This template automates the leave management process by allowing employees to submit leave requests through a user-friendly interface. The template facilitates automatic routing for approval, sends notifications to relevant stakeholders, and logs all the data about the request and the status in a database of your choice in real-time.

Launch The Template

The workflow begins when an employee applies for time off using a zenphi form. From there, the template seamlessly looks up the designated manager for the requestor from Google Directory and sends a task directly to them for approval. This automated routing ensures a streamlined approval process, eliminating delays and unnecessary manual intervention.

Once the manager receives the leave request, they can promptly review and respond to it within the automated workflow. Furthermore, the leave request template offers additional functionality through dashboard pages. This self-service feature empowers employees to manage their leave requests efficiently, while still maintaining proper oversight and approval processes.


What Is Included In The Leave Request Template

– Zenphi Pre-Built Form;

– Automated Workflow;

– Zenphi Pre-built Tables to store the requests;

– Zenphi Pre-built Dashboards to track the workflow performance

3. Document Generation Template

The document generation template enables HR professionals to generate HR documents such as offer letters, employment contracts, and performance reviews with ease. By automating the document generation process, organizations can ensure accuracy, reduce manual errors, and maintain standardized document formats.

Launch the Template

The HR team’s daily responsibilities often involve generating numerous documents, ranging from employment confirmations to offer letters and beyond. To address this demand for efficient document management, we present a highly effective workflow solution.

This automation leverages Google Forms submissions as triggers, seamlessly generating new documents using Google Docs templates with each form response received. The generated documents are then converted to PDF format and automatically uploaded to Google Drive, facilitating a streamlined and organized documentation process.

The customization options for this workflow are extensive, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements. For instance, you can incorporate additional steps such as sending the generated document for approval or routing it for digital signing. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to replace the Google Forms trigger with other options such as Typeform, email arrival, or integration with your HR system.

With this powerful template, you can establish a self-service document generation portal for employees, minimizing the need for human intervention. Alternatively, you can utilize it to standardize the document generation process within the HR team, ensuring consistency and saving substantial time while enhancing document accuracy.

How To Use The HR Workflow Automation Templates

Using zenphi’s HR workflow automation templates is straightforward. Moreover, you can easily customize the templates to align with your specific requirements. The templates are built using a no-code approach, which means that they can be configured and deployed without the need for technical knowledge by anyone in your team.

To get started with zenphi’s HR workflow process automation templates, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your zenphi account or sign up using this link.

Step 2: Create a new Space within zenphi and select the desired template to launch.

Step 3: Click on “Use this template” to begin setting up your automation workflow and establish any necessary connections.

Step 4: Take the time to explore the various assets included within the template. Each template consists of multiple items designed to enhance your automation experience. Flows, for instance, are automated workflows constructed using triggers and actions. Tables serve as databases where you can store valuable process information, while dashboards provide visual charts and insights into your workflow.

Step 5: Begin by customizing the Flow templates to align with your unique requirements. Click on the desired Flow and proceed to edit it. In the intuitive Flow Designer interface, you can drag and drop elements, establish rules and conditions, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. 

Step 6: Once you have configured your workflow, it’s a good practice to test its execution. Simply click on the “Test” button to run a test execution and ensure everything is functioning as expected.

Step 7: Finally, when you’re satisfied with your automated workflow, click on “Publish” to deploy the flow and set it in motion, automating your finance processes effectively.



More Resources To Learn About HR Workflow Automation

Templates are just the beginning of what we offer to simplify your automation journey. If you’re eager to expand your knowledge and delve deeper into the possibilities, we provide a wealth of additional resources. Explore our educational materials, which encompass webinars and tutorials to gain a comprehensive understanding of HR workflow automation and its potential benefits.

If you prefer a more personalized approach, we invite you to book an obligation-free call with our dedicated success team. During this call, we can discuss how you can effectively automate your HR processes and explore the implementation services that are available to support you throughout the journey. Our team is eager to assist and guide you in leveraging the full potential of automation for your HR operations.


Embrace HR Workflow Automation To Boost Efficiency

Implementing HR templates and leveraging the power of automation can revolutionize your HR processes, saving valuable time and effort while ensuring accuracy and consistency. With zenphi, you have the tools and resources to simplify and streamline your HR workflows, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive organizational success.

If you need any assistance or have further questions, we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at success@zenphi.com, and our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you on your automation journey.

Don’t let repetitive tasks hold you back. Embrace the power of HR workflow automation with zenphi and unlock the full potential of your HR department.

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