How add watermark to PDF automatically

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A simple tutorial on automatically add watermark to PDF using Google Docs. Great for invoice processing, sales quotes generation and more. Table of Contents Creating an automated system for adding watermarks to PDF documents can significantly streamline various organizational processes, such as finance, legal, and sales operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore a specific …

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Google DLP: How To Locate & Manage Files On Shared Drives Shared Externally

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How to conduct detailed automated audits of files shared externally, ensuring that their data remains secure. Video tutorial below! Knowing who and when used information stored on shared drives and shared it with some external users is crucial for any organization’s data loss prevention strategy. As users create more and more files, more and more …

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April, 2024 Product Updates: New Actions, and More

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Welcome to our April-2024 feature wrap-up! This month, we’re introducing exciting new integrations, enhanced actions, and features designed to elevate your Zenphi experience. New Actions: Create & Update Subitem If you’re a user, you know that the application doesn’t allow to automatically create and update subitems. All automations within are structured around …

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Google Sheets Email Automation

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How to use Google Sheets data to send emails automatically. Step-by-step guide for Google Sheets automation workflows with Zenphi. Table of Contents Why would you need to auto send email from Google Spreadsheet Sending out emails automatically using Google Spreadsheet data can be beneficial in many circumstances. Primarily, we’re discussing the process of automating your …

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Zenphi: Microsoft Power Platform for Google Workspace, Minus the Complexity

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In the landscape of digital transformation, the growing need for powerful process orchestration and automation platforms is undeniable. Microsoft Power Platform has been a go-to solution for many in the Microsoft ecosystem. However, for those immersed in the Google Workspace environment, Zenphi emerges as the perfect counterpart. Offering similar capabilities without the complexity, steep learning …

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