5 Procurement Automation Ideas for Google Workspace Users

Finance Use Cases

Reliable procurement processes are critical to business operations running smoothly, making it important for procurement teams to continually look for ways to enhance their workflows and drive better results. These processes, from purchase order approval to supplier onboarding and contract management, can be complex and time-consuming when handled manually. However, advancements in technology have opened …

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5 Digital Transformation Tools to Accelerate Your Business


If your organization has embarked on the path of digital transformation, it’s crucial to focus on selecting a powerful suite of tools to accelerate your transformation efforts. A well-chosen tech stack has the potential to streamline your operations, foster collaboration, elevate customer experiences, and enhance various other aspects of your business. In this article, we …

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10 Top Google Forms Alternatives: Elevate Your Data Collection


Google Forms has long been a popular choice for creating online surveys, quizzes, and forms due to its simplicity and integration with Google Workspace. However, there are many situations where you may want to explore alternative form-building platforms, either due to specific feature requirements, design flexibility, automation, or integration capabilities. In this article, we’ll introduce …

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QuickBooks Automation: 5 Scenarios to Transform FinOps

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QuickBooks, a powerful accounting software, is essential for businesses of all sizes to manage their finances efficiently. While QuickBooks offers a wide range of features to streamline financial processes, automation takes it to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of QuickBooks automation, the best approaches to implement it, and five scenarios …

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September Product Updates: New QuickBooks and ClickUp Integration, Email Templates, and More

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Optimizing your finance, project management, and collaboration workflows just got easier with our latest September updates: 1. Introducing QuickBooks Integration Empowering finance teams, this integration bridges the gap between workflow automation and financial management, eliminating manual data entry and minimizing the risk of errors. With zenphi’s QuickBooks integration, you can automate various crucial financial tasks, …

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Beyond the Basics: 5 Advanced ClickUp Automation Workflows

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ClickUp, with its goal of offering a centralized platform for task and project management, is designed to enhance team organization and productivity. While it does provide automation capabilities, these might fall short when dealing with complex multi-step processes. In this article, we’ll explore five ClickUp automation workflows that can be constructed using zenphi, a no-code …

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6 Ways to Automate Trello and Boost Your Productivity

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Task management tools like Trello are our trusty companions in the world of work, assisting us daily in the organization and streamlining of our projects. But what if you could make Trello even more efficient? Automation is the answer! While Trello offers some built-in automation features, they often come with limitations, especially when it comes …

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Automate Purchase Order Processing with Google Forms and zenphi

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Purchase order management is a critical aspect of efficient procurement. In this hands-on guide, we’ll demonstrate how you can expedite and automate purchase order processing using Google Workspace tools like Forms, Sheets, Docs, and zenphi—a no-code business process automation platform designed for Google Workspace users. Automate Purchase Order Scenario Imagine a scenario where Company A …

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Understanding Process Performance Metrics


When considering the pursuit of process optimization within an organization, one quickly realizes the paramount importance of having well-defined process metrics in place. Much like a skilled navigator relies on precise instruments to chart a course, businesses require clear process metrics to steer their operations toward enhanced efficiency, quality, and overall growth. In this article, …

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August Product Updates: New Salesforce and Google Sheets Actions, Step References, and More

Product Updates

Join us as we explore August updates at zenphi and their potential to reshape your workflow automation journey. From empowering granular control over Google Sheets to elevating the Flow Designers experience these enhancements accelerate your path towards streamlined, efficient operations. Enhanced Salesforce Integration: Now with File Management We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited …

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