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A simple tutorial on automatically add watermark to PDF using Google Docs. Great for invoice processing, sales quotes generation and more.

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Creating an automated system for adding watermarks to PDF documents can significantly streamline various organizational processes, such as finance, legal, and sales operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore a specific use case—how sales teams can automatically embed their company logo as a watermark on sales quotes and automatically send these quotes in emails, ensuring quick and professional reaction to every prospect’s request.

However, the method described here can be easily adapted for other departments and needs, such as the Finance department marking invoices as “Paid” as a part of their automated invoice processing workflow, or the Legal department adding a “Confidential” watermark to sensitive documents as a part of their legal document management system. .

Step-by-Step Guide to Automatically Add a Watermark to PDFs And Send It In an Email

Step 1: Setting Up Your Document Workflow

Before anything, you need to have a workflow platform that can handle document automation. You will need a process that would kicked off by a certain action. In case of sales quotes generation, it’s reasonable to trigger the process when a prospects sends a request for a quote by filling in the form on your website.

There are many tools that might help you to automate this flow. But if you’re using Google Workspace solutions in your business (Gmail, Forms, Sheets, etc.), we suggest you to use  Zenphi, the #1 intelligent document processing tool for Google Worspace users and Google workflow automation solution which allows for extensive customization of your documents including adding watermarks, managing document sending, and more.

Step 2: Customizing the Watermark

Font and Size: In Zenphi, you can customize the font and size of the watermark text directly within the tool’s interface. This allows you to maintain brand consistency across all documents.

Color: Additionally, you can specify the color of the watermark. Zenphi accepts color names in standard formats, allowing for precise brand color matching.

Watermark Content: For sales quotes, the watermark will typically be the company logo. Ensure the logo is pre-uploaded and available in Zenphi for use.

Step 3: Preparing the Document

Document Naming: When setting up the document, choose a naming convention that includes relevant details for easy identification later. For example, “Complete Quote – [Customer Name].”

Attachment Selection: Select the PDF document that you will be watermarking from your previous actions within Zenphi.

Step 4: Automating Sending a Quote In an Email

Form Submission: Fill out a test form to initiate the document workflow. This form should capture all necessary details that will populate the sales quote.

Review: Submit the form and let the workflow process the document. Finally, check the outgoing email to ensure the watermark appears correctly and the document is sent to the correct recipient.

Verification: Open the received email to verify that the watermark appears as intended and that all placeholders in the document have been correctly replaced with dynamic data from the form.

Automating the process of adding watermarks to PDFs can significantly improve the efficiency and consistency of document generation and assembly within an organization.

By following the steps outlined above, sales teams can ensure their quotes are not only professional and branded but also securely marked with all necessary information. This process is not limited to sales; it can be replicated across various departments to suit different documentation needs.

Video Tutorial: How To Add Watermark To PDF Using Google Docs and Email Them Automatically

Watch this step by step tutorial that would help you to handle the process end-to-end using Zenphi

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