April, 2024 Product Updates: New Monday.com Actions, and More

Product Updates

Welcome to our April-2024 feature wrap-up! This month, we’re introducing exciting new integrations, enhanced actions, and features designed to elevate your Zenphi experience.

New Monday.com Actions: Create & Update Subitem

If you’re a Monday.com user, you know that the application doesn’t allow to automatically create and update subitems. All automations within Monday.com are structured around items which are consider to be the main “building blocks” of this project management & CRM solution. 

However, in some cases you need to do just that. For example, you list your customers as items in Monday.com and you attach certain data to  them as subitems (agreements, claims, medical records, customer feedback or similar). Now Zephi allows Monday.com users to create and update these subitems automatically.

That is, you will be able, for instance, to automatically extract new customer’s claim from an email, save it as PDF and attach as a subitem to the relevant customer (item). 


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Using Monday.com and want to create & update items/subitems, send automatic notifications and extract unstructured data from emails? Book a call with our automation expert! 

New Google Workspace Actions: Shared Drives, Delete Item, File Labels & More

In April 2024 multiple new actions were added to Zenphi for Google Admins enhance your work with Google Drive, and improve your security strategy.

List Shared Drives

This action lists the Google shared drives which the user has access to. If you are a admin, it shall give you a list of all the shared drives across the domain.

Delete an Item

This action allows the user to delete any file or folder for the provided user email ID from Google Workspace.

List File Labels , Add Labels To A File & Remove Labels From A File

This actions allows a user to list file labels available on Google Drive, remove them if necessary, and/or create new ones automatically. 

Generative AI

Probably, the most exciting update in the last 3 months. This feature allows to generate text automatically within your workflow, based on prompts you provided. For example, you can generate a legal document, an agreement with a customer, an email body and so many more. 


The great thing is that Zenphi provides an access to a gallery of tested and proven prompts you can use and customize within your workflow to reflect your business process. 

For example, you can use one of the prompts stored in the gallery to extract unstructured data from incoming emails, route it to your database and create a document based on this input (an invoice, an NDA, an email response, etc.)


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Custom Branding

Now, users can customize their Assign Task email templates and use their own branding there. Go to the Settings -> Task Assignments page. Once a new template is published, the new task assignment email will be created using your branded email design. 


For more details and tutorials on using these new features, talk to your Customer Success Manager or schedule a call with our team.