Zenphi: Revolutionizing Process Orchestration for Google Workspace and Beyond

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Exploring the landscape of business process automation, you’ll encounter a wide range of tools, and it’s not always straightforward to grasp their differences or determine the best fit for your needs. The ideal solution is one that ensures a smooth, end-to-end process flow with minimal manual intervention, seamless data integration, and significant time savings. While …

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7 Key Things to Ensure No-code Governance Across Large Organizations

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In response to the surging need for streamlined business process automation, no-code platforms have emerged as remarkable solutions. These platforms empower non-technical employees and business users to create applications without the need for traditional coding skills. While this democratization of technology brings undeniable benefits, it also poses challenges, particularly in large organizations with diverse teams …

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10 Workflow Automation Examples for IT Teams

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Historically, IT teams have taken the lead in boosting efficiency and productivity across organizations. Now, there’s a rising star in their toolkit: no-code workflow automation. Its growing popularity is well-deserved, as it simplifies processes, eliminates manual tasks, and gives a boost to operational efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore a range of workflow automation examples …

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Streamlining Claims Processing: Automation with Google Workspace and AI

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As an insurance specialist, you are well aware that efficient and accurate claims processing is paramount for delivering top-notch service to customers and staying ahead in the competitive market. As you delve into this article, it’s likely that you’ve experienced firsthand the challenges posed by manual claims processing – the time-consuming nature, susceptibility to errors, …

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July Product Updates: Streamline Google Sheets Workflow with New Actions, Experience Enhanced zenphi Forms, and Handle Errors Smarter

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Greetings! We hope you had a productive month. July was another busy month for our team, focusing on another bunch of feature updates designed to make your automated processes even more powerful. Our aim is to free up your time and resources, allowing you and your team to focus on the human side of work …

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Accounts Payable: Invoice Processing Made Smarter

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In any business, managing accounts payable efficiently is crucial for maintaining smooth financial operations. One essential aspect of accounts payable is invoice processing. Invoice processing is the method by which businesses handle incoming invoices from vendors or suppliers. Efficient invoice processing is essential to ensure timely payments, avoid late fees or penalties, maintain strong vendor …

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3 HR Workflow Automation Templates You Need to Try

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As HR specialists, you are all too familiar with the myriad critical tasks that define a typical day in your team’s operations. From seamlessly preparing new team members for their first day to ensuring they have all the necessary resources, to managing and approving time-off requests, your responsibilities are vast. It’s not uncommon to wish …

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5 Long-Term Workflow Automation Benefits: Future-proofing Your Organization’s Success


Did you know that 57% of employers aim to use automation to enhance productivity? However, the benefits of automation extend far beyond just improving productivity; they can be instrumental in driving long-term success for your organization. In this article, we will explore five compelling long-term workflow automation benefits that are worth considering when contemplating the …

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IT Operations Automation: A Key Strategy for Maintaining Customer and Employee Satisfaction

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In an era of economic uncertainty, businesses face the challenge of making strategic investments that will yield long-term growth and profitability. One area that consistently proves to be a wise investment is customer and employee satisfaction. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, companies that prioritize customer satisfaction experience a 10-15% increase in …

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3 Finance Process Automation Templates: Expense Reimbursement Template, Invoice Approval Template, and more

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As businesses strive to optimize their operations and maximize productivity, finance process automation has emerged as a game-changer. By harnessing the power of BPA (Business Process Automation) technology, organizations can streamline their financial workflows, eliminate manual errors, and achieve remarkable efficiency gains. One invaluable tool in this pursuit is the use of finance process automation …

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