Optimize Educational Processes With Automation

Enhance the student, teacher, and administrative experience through automation.

Save Time By Automating Manual Processes

Eliminate document bottleneck like student-related paperwork so that educators can focus on teaching.

Streamline Administrative Tasks on Google Workspace

Easily streamline far more administrative tasks across Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Classroom, etc., saving time for educators and students alike.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Create advanced automated workflows that digitize the admin processes to reduce workloads and reduce errors.

Modernize Educational Processes with Automation

Academic administrations are frequently swamped with time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Managing class schedules, tracking student attendance, processing grades, and admitting new students are all tedious tasks that are also necessary. Zenphi unifies your Google Workspace with no-code automation, which frees staff from this labor so they can focus on delivering the best quality education.

COVID19 Contact Tracing

Automate the process of reporting a positive COVID19 case by students and staff. Identify the close contacts of the person, keep a registry of them, and notify them to get tested or self isolate. All automated without requiring manual work.

Students Feedback

Leverage the power of Google Forms to collect feedback from students, automatically route the feedback for review to the respected person, and create dashboards to get an overview of the all provided feedback. All with just a few drag and drops.

Booking School Facilities

Automate the process to book school facilities using Google Workspace products and services. Enable internal and/or external people to request to book a specific facility, assign a task to the person meaning that facility to confirm the booking. Once confirmed, notify the requester and book the facility’s calendar.