Automate Your Marketing Workflows

No-Code Workflow Automation For All Your Business Needs.

Automate Your Customer Outreach

Unify communication between platforms plus optimize your sales funnel management, and convert visitors to leads in a seamless and automated fashion.

Simplify Your Creative Approval Process

Build automated approval flows that accelerate collaborative decision-making.

Better Visualization of Processes

Gain a better understanding of where there are workflow bottlenecks and where things are running smoothly.

Streamlined Marketing Processes Through Automation

Marketing teams are constantly stretched for time, and that’s why marketing automation workflows help teams using Google Workspace stay on schedule. Not only that, they also help marketers improve customer connections, increase conversions, and boost income significantly.

HubSpot Workflow Automation

Utilize the most sophisticated workflow platform for HubSpot to automate your CRM related processes. Send emails to your recently signed up customer on a specific schedule as part of your customer nurturing process. Update information in HubSpot from other sources.

Brand Asset Review and Approval

Automate the process for brand assets to be reviewed and finalized by the Marketing team, Brand team, and the external marketing agency.

PR Media Sign-off Process

Automate the workflow to Obtain review and approval for copy and quotes in a press release before getting final sign off from the Public Relations team.

Sales Enablement Review

Automated review process for new sales training materials to go through approvals with the Sales Enablement and Sales Strategy teams before they are published to the Sales Portal.

Content Marketing

Automate your content marketing process to track the entire content creation process, from ideas to SEO optimization, to publishing and getting required approvals in between.