Google Forms Workflow Automation

Google Forms are an essential and widely used tool for any business on Google Workspace, providing a reliable platform for the submission and capture of information for approval tasks, employee and client requests, and more.

Automating Google Forms can be a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their processes and improve productivity by minimizing manual touchpoints, the time required to complete each workflow, and the risk of error along the way. 

Google Forms automation can be achieved with Apps Script, however this requires technical knowledge and coding experience, which limits how quickly teams can build and edit their flows while reliant on scarce developers. Alternatively, modern no-code automation platforms like zenphi enable all team members to optimize, update and manage their automations, which reduces the time to automate any process by up to 90%.

With many of our business processes incorporating Google Forms to capture information, minimizing manual processing and the risk of error is critical to enabling productivity across any team. These workflows can be anything from simple, single step processes to complex, multi-step approval processes involving multiple people or departments. 


What can you achieve with Google Forms workflow automation?

If you can draw a diagram for your workflow, you can automate it, if you have the right tool in place. The most commonly automated workflows for Google Forms that we see include:

  • Automating approval tasks for Google Forms
  • Generating documents from Google Forms submission data
  • Automatically responding to a Google Forms submission by sending an email.

And, with zenphi, you can integrate your Google Forms with almost any other business tool like Salesforce, HubSpot, Smartsheet, Jira, Trello and more, without code or scripting required. 


But first, why automate your Google Forms in the first place?

Save time & resources 

By automating repetitive tasks such as data entry, approval workflows and email notifications, you can free up significant time for yourself and your team to focus on the more critical tasks that require a human touch. This will help to boost productivity and overall efficiency across your business.

Minimize risk of error

Manual data entry and processing is prone to error – we’re human after all! By setting repetitive manual tasks on autopilot, Google Forms workflow automation saves teams time and costs not only in the added efficiency but by minimizing the resources required to constantly fix errors across any Forms workflow.

Enhance your client and employee experience

Streamlining your workflows enables greater client and employee satisfaction through minimized touchpoints and faster response times. A great solution to improve client and supplier retention through consistent high-quality service, automation also boosts employee retention by taking care of many monotonous, mundane tasks in your teams’ workdays.

Improve collaboration and communication 

By simplifying the monitoring of tasks and notifications, as well as freeing up time for team members to work more strategically, Google Forms workflow automation can also enhance collaboration and communication within your team.


Automate Google Forms workflows with zenphi

Built specifically for Google Workspace, zenphi provides a powerful no-code platform for automating any Google workflow. From your most simple to sophisticated processes involving one or multiple departments and business tools, zenphi enables you to seamlessly integrate and automate your business processes.

Simply drag, drop and configure to start automating any workflow that begins with a Google Form, with no code, GAM or Apps Script required.


How to start automating your Google Forms

From feedback processes in schools to complex incident reporting, expense approvals and much more, you can start automating your Google Form submission workflows in a matter of minutes, not days, with zenphi.

Interested in getting started? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to automate your expense reimbursement process on Google Workspace:

Next steps

Are you ready to create a Google Forms automation, up to 90% faster than if you had to do it with code? Get started with zenphi with a complimentary tailored 1:1 demo, or sign up for a free trial.

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