Google Forms Workflow Automation

  • Approval Task for Google Forms
  • Generate Documents from Google Forms Submission Data
  • Respond to a Google Forms Submission by Sending and Email
  • Integrate Google Forms with Salesforce, HubSpot, Smartsheets, and many more
Automate of the above and many more use case using zenphi withe just a few drag and drops. No coding required.

Zenphi workspaces begin on our free starter tier which includes:

Google Forms Workflows

Built on Google for Google

Conceived and developed on Google Cloud, Zenphi has been hand-crafted for Google. A sophisticated and robust back-end is concealed by an intuitive and easy to use front-end, allowing anyone to automate their processes instantly. No code – just drag and drop. zenphi enables your to easily automate your workflows which are started by Google Forms. From feedback process in schools, to complex incident report process starting by Google Forms; they all can be easily automated with a few drag and drops using zenphi.

Already Trusted By Many Companies

Automate Your Expense Reimbursement Process on Google Workspace Using Google Forms and zenphi