5 Google Forms Automation Scenarios To Streamline Your Workflows

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Google Forms is a widely used and versatile tool that can be tailored for a variety of purposes, such as collecting feedback, conducting surveys, and gathering information from customers or clients. While Google Forms is a powerful tool on its own, using a no-code automation platform like zenphi can take its functionality to the next level. By implementing Google Forms automation, you can save time and streamline your workflows, making your organization more efficient and productive. In this article, we will explore five automation scenarios that you can try with zenphi today.

1. Automated Email Notifications

If you use Google Forms to collect information from your clients or customers, you may need to notify your team members or stakeholders about new responses. With zenphi, you can streamline this process by setting up an automated email notification. Once a response is submitted, zenphi can send an email notification to the designated team members, alerting them of the new response. This can save you time and ensure that everyone is up to date on the latest communications.

2. Approval Workflows with Google Forms Automation

In case you use Google Forms to collect requests from your team members, such as vacation requests or purchase requests, you can use zenphi to automate the approval process. Zenphi can send an email notification to the designated approver when a request is submitted. The assignee can then approve or reject the request directly from their email inbox. If the request is approved, zenphi can automatically take the next step in the workflow, such as sending an email confirmation or updating a database.

Moreover, with zenphi’s powerful integrations, you can assign approval tasks in tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, and more.

3. Automated Email Follow Ups

Google Forms can also be used to collect leads or customer information. In this case, you may need to follow up with them after they have submitted the form. With zenphi, you can automate this process in a matter of minutes. Once a lead or customer submits the form, zenphi can send them an email automatically, thanking them for their submission and providing any additional information they may need.

4. Generate Documents With Google Forms Automation

Zenphi makes it easy to create document templates that can be automatically populated with data from your Google Form responses. For example, you can create a contract template with blank fields for client name, service details, and payment terms. When a client fills out a Google Form with this information, zenphi can use it to automatically populate the fields in the contract template, creating a customized document that is ready to be signed.

This feature can be particularly useful for businesses that deal with a high volume of contracts or agreements, such as legal firms, real estate agencies, or service providers. 

5. How to Automate Data Entry in Google Forms

Manually entering data from Google Forms into a database can be time-consuming and error-prone. With zenphi, you can easily automate this process within a few minutes. Zenphi can extract data from the Google Form, find the contact who submitted a form in any database like HubSpot or Salesforce and automatically update this contact with the values from the Google Form. 

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Zenphi is a powerful automation platform that can help you streamline your Google Forms workflows and save a lot of time. By automating tasks such as email notifications and follow-ups, data entry, approval workflows, and document generation, you can increase your productivity and profitability, and focus your time on tasks that can’t be automated.

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