Maximize Growth With Seamless Sales Process Automation

Gain a competitive advantage through sales process automation.

Save Time by Automating Data Entry

Never waste time moving data from one CRM to another or between platforms. Leave it all to zenphi.

Automate Your Prospect Outreach

Automate your prospect outreach throughout every part of the sales lifecycle.

Sales Contract Automation & Management

Automate all your sales document workflows from quote generation to contract signature with just a few drags and drops.

Improve your sales experience

Your customers should not wait a while for a sales quote or contract to come through. Easily automate your sales processes with Zenphi and leave it to us to quickly act on your behalf so that your customers don’t have to wait.

Focus on Sales, Automate the Rest

Use Google Workspace to save loads of time automating outreach to customers throughout the sales funnel and save costs by freeing up time spent on admin, prospect, and financial tracking so you can increase your bottom line.

Sales Quote Generation and Approval

Automate your sales quote generation and approval process end to end. Automatically generate a sales quote from a request submitted through a Google Form. Get internal approval, send it to the customer for approval through an electronic signature, and once signed, save the signed contract into a Google Drive folder or your CRM system. Finally, automatically notify the interested parties.

New Customer Onboarding

Improve your customer onboarding experience by automating the onboarding process. Automatically provision the required accounts, send them the correct communication, create a standard folder for new customers to share documents and collaborate on key onboarding initiatives.

Sales and Legal Contract Review

Review and automate your process for sales contracts to go through approvals with the Legal team before sending back to the account executive to and the customer for electronic signature. Reducing the strain of managing contracts, you'll always know where the contract is in regards to the process of closing.

Contract Renewal Management

Free up your internal sales team to focus on up/cross selling by automating your contract renewal process. Automatically identify the contracts which are ending soon, generate a new contract for the customer, send it to the customer's account owner to review, and once approved, send the new contract to the customer for electronic signature.

Invoice Generation

Use the power of Google Docs and Google Sheets to create a template for your invoices. Enable your sales team to request and generate invoices by submitting a Google Form. If required, get it approved before sending it to the sales person.

We'll help you get started

Are you new to sales workflow automation, or wanting advice on the best way to set up your workflows? 

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