Automation and artificial intelligence are powerful capabilities that support your people in getting their work done, but most of our processes require human involvement one way or another. 

That’s where zenphi tasks can make sure that the right people get the work done the right way, at the right time.  Tasks are assigned and tracked, reminders are sent on a regular basis, if the work isn’t done it can be escalated to a supervisor or delegated to another team mate, and most importantly there is a full audit trail of what happened and when.  Of course some things require a little more thinking than just doing, and that’s when you have to get people to make decisions.

Approve or reject?  Spend or don’t spend? Acknowledge Reception… Not everything can be solved with hard and fast rules, and even when they can, you still might want a real person to weigh in on the decision.  zenphi can quickly pull together all the information needed to make the best decision in the fastest time possible, so your business processes can carry on in the right direction.


zenphi enables you to involve humans into your G Suite automated processes without writing any code, wherever required.

Whether it’s a Document Approval Task for your G Suite process with a simple approve reject outcome, or a Complex Contract Approval with multiple possible outcomes, or just an Acknowledgement task with a single outcome, you can do them all in zenphi in just a few steps.


In this video, you can see an example of Approval Task for G Suite, where, a Task gets assigned to IT and if IT approves it the process will create a Google Group for the employee requesting it.