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When basic capabilities are not enough

As your business grow and your needs become more complex, you might find yourself seeking alternatives to AppSheet, searching for solutions that can offer a broader range of automation capabilities without compromising on ease of use. Zenphi has been crafted with this precise need in mind.

Our mission is to empower Google Workspace users in organizations of all sizes with the tools they need to automate complex workflows, integrate seamlessly across all Google Workspace applications, and optimize their operations without the need for extensive technical expertise.


Advanced flows, seamless integrations

AppSheet is an incredibly powerful tool for building custom basic workflows. For more complex processes and advanced logic Zenphi stands out as the best alternative.

Navigating the Complexities of AppSheet Automation

While AppSheet provides a robust platform for creating workflows, businesses often encounter specific challenges as they scale their automation needs. These are the challenges Zenphi was meticulously designed to address
Solved By Zenphi
Limited Advanced Automation Capabilities

While AppSheet excels in creating basic automations, businesses requiring advanced workflows find themselves hitting a ceiling. Complex logic, conditional branching, multi-step processes involving various data sources can be cumbersome to implement.

This limitation can stifle innovation, causing businesses to either oversimplify their processes or invest in multiple tools to fill the gap.

Zenphi allows to build automation flows of any complexity level, including usage of various data sources

Integration Challenges with External Systems

As organizations use a myriad of tools and platforms, seamlessly integrating AppSheet apps with external systems like CRMs, ERP systems, and custom databases is a common hurdle. 

Without smooth integrations, data silos emerge, leading to inefficiencies, manual data entry, and increased error rates.

Zenphi has native integrations with all Google Apps, as well as with other popular applications. Check our list of integrations

Scalability and Performance Issues

Businesses that scale up their operations often find that their AppSheet applications struggle to keep up with increased data volumes, user counts, and more complex workflows.

This can lead to slower app performance, decreased user satisfaction, and the need for frequent reevaluation and redesign of the apps to maintain efficiency.

Zenphi can scale effortlessly as your number of automations and data you need to process grow. 

User Interface and Experience Constraints

Designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces in AppSheet is straightforward for basic automations. However, creating more complex, highly customized flows that match your company’s requirements can be challenging.

This may affect user satisfaction, as well as teams’ desire to contribute to creating automations.

Zenphi offers an intuitively clear drag-and-drop environment, ensuring rapid product adoption and seamless integration into your team’s workflow

Unlock the Power of Tailored Automations Beyond AppSheet Capabilities

Time Saving Up To


Zenphi customers save up to 76% of the time by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks that AppSheet’s native capabilities might not fully support. By streamlining complex workflows,  your team will significantly reduce the manual effort required for tasks like data entry, report generation, and task assignments.

Leveraging the full potential of automations accessible to Google Workspace Apps users and integrating them with other solutions (CRM, ERP, bookkeeping, product management tools and more), Zenphi’s customers achieve an impressive reduction in operational costs by up to 28%. 

Operational Cost Cuts By 28%


Enable Scalability By Up To


Zenphi’s architecture is designed for scalability, allowing businesses to expand their automated workflows as they grow. Unlike the more linear scalability model of AppSheet, where increasing complexity might require additional resources or tools, Zenphi enables users to seamlessly scale operations by adding more sophisticated workflows, integrating with a broader set of apps, or processing larger volumes of data without a significant increase in costs.

Sophisticated workflows, minus the scripting, debugging & maintenance

Whether you’re looking to automate processes between Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Docs, email or any other business app, scripting isn’t your only option. 

Zenphi’s flexible workflow builder enables Google Workspace users to achieve significantly more in their work days by enabling processes of any complexity to be built, edited and maintained in a fraction of the time it takes to code. 

Connect all your business tools in one platform

Zenphi process automation doesn’t stop at Google Workspace. Connect, complete and automate your business processes with our comprehensive suite of integrations available – including HubSpot, Jira, Asana, Docusign, Typeform and many more.

Custom API support is also available, along with web hooks and web requests for unique integration requirements.

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Crafted with this precise need in mind

Switching from AppSheet to Zenphi transformed our workflow automation. Zenphi’s intuitive interface and powerful features made it easy to design complex workflows that were simply not possible before. Our efficiency has skyrocketed, and we're now able to tackle tasks we never imagined automating. Zenphi was a game-changer for us!
Catherine Graff
User Experience Lead, Change Factory

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