Google Workspace Data Loss & Data Leaks Prevention: Beyond GAM


July 2, 2024

As an IT professional in a company using Google Workspace, you’re probably facing the same challenge as all of your peers do: the need to maintain high levels of data security standards, all while being unable to secure big budgets for advanced data security solutions. So, to ensure that no data leaks happen in your Google Workspace, you have to run external file sharing audits, make sure no one from the departed users still has access to files on shared drives, and more.

GAM, your usual friend, can help you with most tasks but it also has limitations.

For example, it can help you locate externally shared files but it can’t help you notify users who did the sharing that they have breached company security policies. You’re facing two choices: complete these tasks manually or script the automation from scratch. The good news is that now there’s a third choice that saves you from the manual tasks and the headache of scripting, debugging, and maintaining the flow.

Join us to see how your peers solve the same problems you’re facing using Zenphi, the #1 solution for Google Workspace Admins.

Topics We'll Cover At The Webinar

External Files Sharing Audits Automation

Learn how to automate external files sharing audits end-to-end: from locating files to emailing users and assigning them necessary tasks that would nudge them to take action.

Monitoring and Taking Action on Out of Domain Email Forwarding

Build with us a simple flow that would ensure continuous monitoring of email forwarding settings to detect any unauthorized out-of-domain forwards and protect sensitive information.

'Zombie Drives' Management

Can't find time and resources to set up regular audits of files accessed by users who have been suspended to ensure that sensitive data does not remain accessible to unauthorized users after their departure? See how your peers have done it using Zenphi.


Vahid Taslimi

Founder & CEO @ Zenphi

Vahid brings a robust background in cybersecurity and advanced data analytics to the forefront of digital protection. Formerly the VP of Product at Nintex, and Solutions Architect at Emirates Airlines, he now leads dynamic Zenphi team, a company dedicated to crafting a platform empowering Google Workspace users to automate Google admin tasks and other processes end-to-end while enhancing data security and compliance.


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