Why should you automate your processes at all?

Why should you automate your processes at all?

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Every organization strives for satisfied customers, satisfied employees, and operational efficiency. That is not news, but in 2022 it is challenging given the enormous shortage of experienced employees. That is where process automation comes in handy; it can perform all or part of tasks that people do. It increases productivity and quality, and lowers operating costs. Here are three reasons why you should automate your processes.

1. Satisfied customers

Because dissatisfied customers leave and are a terribly bad advertisement, satisfied customers are one of the top priorities for any organization. By automating your organizational processes, you take an essential step to improve customer satisfaction reliably. Automating all kinds of manual, repetitive actions gives employees more time to help customers. Automation also prevents employees from making mistakes when they are busy. Moreover, automation improves customer experience (CX) by providing services a lot faster, and with the high quality which is expected by everyone these days.. All this allows you to get satisfied customers. And you know that’s your best advertisement!

2. Satisfied employees

No one wants to do the exact same thing every day; that is boring and tedious and will eventually leave you dissatisfied. Dissatisfied employees are a risk to your organization. In the best case, they go, however, you will have to recruit and train a new employee. In the worst case, they remain, perform below par and “infect” colleagues so that they also become dissatisfied and potentially leave.

To save your employees the hassle of carrying out tedious, repetitive tasks, you should automate your processes, . No one likes correcting mistakes, especially when it’s busy. Automated processes will never burn out but always complete the tasks with the same efficiency and speed, even when it’s busy. That leaves your employees with more time and energy to focus on critical, complicated tasks and to better serve customers. The result is satisfied employees who are committed to keeping happy customers.

3. Increased operational efficiency

In almost all organizations, the personnel costs are a large part of the total costs. These are regularly between 50% and 60%, so easily more than half of your total costs!

As a manager, you strive for low total costs of your operation. That is where business process automation comes in handy; it can perform tasks without the need of human power. In this way, it helps you reduce operational costs and increase productivity. 

Process automation also makes your organization less sensitive to the urge for higher wages to compete in the tight market for temporary and permanent staff. Because process automation leads to more satisfied employees, you will incur fewer costs to recruit and train new staff, which in turn has a favourable effect on your operational costs.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the benefits of process automation?  Would you like to discuss the benefits of process automation, what the benefits are for you and how you can automate your processes or do you have other questions?  

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