5 Crucial Features of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) that Will Help you Optimize your Business


Workflow automation is essential in improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing return on investments (ROI), and optimizing your business. One of the leading productivity suites today helps businesses to seamlessly collaborate  is Google Workspace. A CNBC report revealed that over six million businesses are currently using the Workspacebundle.  A significant reason for this growth is Google …

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Perform Mail Merge and Send Emails on G Suite Using Gmail Send Email Action

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In this document we cover how you can configure and send emails using zenphi’s Send Email Action. To know more about sending email using zenphi’s Send Email Action, please check this document. Please note that Gmail daily limits  and zenphi tier limits apply to this action. From under the “Gmail” box in the actions set, …

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Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) No Code Workflow Automation Platform

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Automating your business process is both a matter of staying competitive and establishing an efficient and sustainable business operation. If you and your team love using Google tools as part of your everyday business operations, it will be more logical and efficient to implement Google Workspace (formerly g suite) automation as much as possible. Before, …

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Automate Issuing Australian COVID-19 Permitted Worker Permit on G Suite

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Resources: Permitted Worker Permit for Full Time Employees(Google Docs) Permitted Worker Permit for Part Time Employees(Google Docs) Employees Schedule (Google Sheets) zenphi Flow For Generating Worker Permits As part of the constant battle against COVID-19, and considering the recent rise of the number confirmed cases in Victoria, Australia, the state government has put in place Stage 4 …

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