5 Crucial Features of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) that Will Help you Optimize your Business

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Workflow automation is essential in improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing return on investments (ROI), and optimizing your business. One of the leading productivity suites today helps businesses to seamlessly collaborate  is Google Workspace. A CNBC report revealed that over six million businesses are currently using the Workspacebundle. 


A significant reason for this growth is Google Workspace’s industry-grade features that empower businesses to integrate their teams on a single roof and collaborate effectively. It can also help organizations enhance brand recognition, especially if they are continually expanding with new employees. In this article, we take an in-depth look at what are the features of Google Workspace that will help you optimize your business processes and ensure you achieve maximum productivity. 

1. Professional Email Addresses

Maintaining a professional image is paramount for keeping your customers’ trust and improving your reputation online. An excellent way to appear credible online is to use an email address with your domain name. Google Workspace for business enables organizations to provide their employees with a customized email address at their domains. 

Routing your emails through your business domain name will show that you are well-established and genuine, making customers feel more comfortable dealing with you. 

Professional email addresses also improve your email marketing strategy and reduce the risk of your emails being marked as spam. Unlike free email addresses, a professional email address from Google Workspace is geared with secure and reliable servers that guarantee maximum security and 99.9% uptime. 

2. Google Cloud Search

Employees share countless emails, chats, and documents with multiple stakeholders and customers. Keeping these files and conversations manually can prove to be time-consuming, difficult, and could lead to costly errors. One of the Google Workspace enterprise features that can make it possible for users to search for information quickly is Google Cloud Search. 

Google Cloud Search utilizes machine learning to bring instant query suggestions and provide the most relevant results across more than 100 different content platforms and over 100 languages. It can also act as a directory service that enables users to search for their colleague’s contact information while simultaneously viewing the files and events they have in common. Faster access to knowledge and experts makes it easier for employees to achieve excellence in their work quality and improve their overall productivity. 

3. Google Workspace Marketplace

Finding the right productivity software suite for your business is critical in ensuring scalability and achieving continuous organizational success. Google Workspace enables leaders to scale their businesses as the industry evolves thanks to its marketplace plugin. The marketplace boasts a myriad of applications ranging from customer relationship management solutions to project management software that integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace. 


Integrating Google Workspace with third-party applications is vital because it ensures that employees can access data anywhere, get issues resolved quickly, and prevent inventory sync errors. Without integration, businesses lose efficiency, opportunity, and productivity. The Google Workspace marketplace also features communication apps that allow you to send targeted and personalized emails, facilitate conference calls, and track progress on various projects.

4. Security Dashboard

The benefits of Google Workspace do not only stop from scalability, accessibility, or improving your online reputation. It also comes with a functional security dashboard that lets you monitor your entire Google Workspace account and keep an eye out for any security issues you may have faced. This makes it easier to identify which areas of your Google Workspace account are compromised and need additional security. 

With time, your Google Workspace environment will extend to include more users, emails, and files. That being said, you will want to know how safe your users and your Google Workspace data is. The security dashboard allows you to eliminate spam messages, turn on two-factor authentication for users, or turn off file-sharing for increased privacy. It also allows you to sort incidents so that you can perform the required actions accurately.

5.Office Editing

Another critical Google Workspace feature that will help businesses optimize their processes is office editing. With office editing, Google Workspace users can open and edit Microsoft Office files that have been shared by vendors, stakeholders, partners, and other departments. The office editing plugin also ensures seamless collaboration and streamlines workflows by eliminating the need to consider or convert file types. 

Streamlining your workflows can be advantageous in short-term productivity and revenues and your long-term ability to stay competitive and be agile. Office editing also allows business leaders to add comments and feedback on employee documents to mitigate risks, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure consistent processes. Process consistency makes employees more accountable and helps develop a culture of innovation. 


Automating Workflows with Google Workspace

Google workflow automation can significantly impact productivity and morale within your organization and, ultimately, on your company’s bottom and top line. The improved efficiency  created by automating and monitoring workflows helps you identify stand-out against the competition and expose concealed bottlenecks. An excellent start to automating Google workflows is using Zenphi.

Zenphi is built for Google on Google with an integrated experience. It also offer a free tier which makes it a lot easier to get started.

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