Case Study: Transforming Business Processes in 75% Less Time Than Traditional ERPs

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The Challenge: Manual workflows overwhelmed the the team with the sheer volume of repetitive work, lack of visibility, reduced security and regular inaccuracies slowing down progress during a period of growth. The Outcome: Through automation of key accounts payable, IT security and approval processes, the team enjoy significant time savings, increased accuracy and visibility, and …

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Case Study: Boosting Invoice Processing Efficiency by 600% With Automation

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The Challenge: With a fast-growing business, manual invoice processes were holding operations back by consuming significant time, overtime, energy and costs for the team at H&H Purchasing. The Outcome: Through automation of their entire invoice processing system, the team now enjoy significant time and cost savings, greater accuracy, a 6-fold increase in invoice processing capacity, …

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Case Study: Automating Key Processes for National Distribution Company

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The Challenge Creating efficiencies throughout the Technical Project team’s workflows to minimize their backlogs while providing quality, consistent experiences for all suppliers. The Outcome By improving their processes through automation, this client has reduced costs,  improved supplier satisfaction and increased employee efficiency through operational excellence. Industry: Distribution | Employees: 10,000+ | Stores: 185+ | Using …

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