Automating All Process Types with Google Workflow

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If you want a productive and high-performing team, then incorporate Google workflow automation into your daily operation
For over a decade, Google has created some of the most well-known productivity and collaboration tools available in the market. You can access and use Google Apps such as Gmail, GDrive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more for free. These tools support many teams across the world in their daily tasks and productivity. And continue to do so more efficiently with every feature roll-out. And if you throw in Google workflow automation, you are saving your team from tons of unnecessary manual work.

Code vs. No Code Google Workflow Automation

For heavy Google Workspace users, the apparent disconnect amongst their favorite Google Apps is costing them a lot of time. And time in any kind of business undertaking means money, whether it is saving on resources or higher ROI.
Before we get on with the nitty-gritty details, let’s start with some of the basics when it comes to Google workflow automation.
There are two main methods to create automated workflows for Google Apps:
  1. One is writing codes or scripts using App Script.
  2. Using no code business automation platforms such as zenphi.

App Script

If you go by the first method, you will need to use App Script, Google’s main scripting tool. You also need to have a good grasp of JavaScript, the coding language that App Script uses. This will come in handy if you plan to automate most of your Google Workspace workflows. However, for teams and individuals who are not into coding, this can be troublesome. they can take the time to study but it will take time to learn.
You can also opt to hire a coding specialist, and it is not exactly cheap. You only need to look at job ads for these talents to get an idea of how much their services cost. If you do have a team of IT personnel at your beck and call, this is not a problem. But for a small team with only a handful of programmers working on the main product is another story. Delegating scripting on their already backed-up schedule might not be the best use of their time.
App Script, Google's scripting tool and is also used for Google workflow automation activities. Using App Script, you can create scripts that connects Google Apps together in one automated system.


For teams who would like to take advantage of Google Workspace automation but on a budget, method number two is a better choice. No code Google Workflow automation tools like zenphi help you create automated Google Apps workflows via drag and drop. It eliminates the need to study coding languages along with the new tool.

zenphi, a 3rd-party Google workflow automation platform that has a drag and drop feature.

zenphi: Your Google Workflow Automation Tool

With zenphi, you only have to study what each action does to build the right automated workflow. Heck, I built my first automated Google workflow on zenphi a day after studying their resources. It was a simple workflow, but knowing that I, a not-so-techy person, can do it was a revelation.
The more you use zenphi, the more your knowledge of the platform grows. And over time, you will be able to build more complex automated workflows.

Automate Your Forms to Sheets Tasks

We all know that dealing with data is time-consuming. Collecting and organizing entail huge amounts of data entry. For the most part, we do it manually. And even with the use of Forms and Sheets, manual data entry is common. It is a necessary evil, especially for those who haven’t done Forms to Sheets automation.
Imagine all the time you spent copying and pasting all Google Forms responses into Google Sheets. The dread of tackling a mountain of data entry and the knowledge that it is going to take a while to finish is enough to make you catatonic.
This doesn’t have to be the case. zenphi offers an easier and more dynamic method of populating and updating your Google Sheets. Using its New Response trigger action, you automatically log all form responses into your spreadsheet.
Choosing your trigger action within zenphi for your first google workflow automation creation.

Automating City Council Feedback/Complaint Workflow

Allows you to automate your incident reporting in your workplace. this way, you can make sure that all issues, big or small, are tracked and dealth with in a timely manner.

Incident Report form

Google Workflow Automation for Your Sales Process

One of the most recurring tasks for thriving businesses is sending and receiving invoices. Writing your invoices regularly both for your vendors and customers can become a significant burden. Especially when done manually. Automating your supplier invoice approval workflow can help you save tons of time and energy.
One of the most recurring tasks for thriving businesses is sending and receiving invoices. Writing your invoices regularly both for your vendors and customers can become a significant burden. Especially when done manually. Automating your supplier invoice approval workflow can help you save tons of time and energy.
This particular flow is triggered when an email arrives in your inbox. Using a separate email exclusive for receiving supplier invoices is better to avoid confusion in this flow.
What this automated flow does is watch out for incoming supplier invoice emails. After that, it will automatically notify the account officer to approve or reject the details of the attached invoice. If the checking personnel approves, it will then be assigned to the accounting team to pay the supplier. And if the personnel reject the invoice details, they will be sent back to the supplier with a note.

Automate Your Reply Email for Every Feedback Submission

Letting students participate in their teachers’ performance assessment is a way to gauge whether their teaching style resonates with their class. This is especially helpful now that most schools have transitioned to the new teaching normal ┄ conducting online classes.
When you automate your Google Workspace for Education workflows such as reply emails during form submissions, you help unburden your personnel from mundane tasks.
Automate teacher-student feedback workflow. This example of google workflow automation allows you to create an automated teacher-student feedback system.


Transitioning all your process types to Google workflow automation is easier than you think with zenphi. Aside from the tools you already love, zenphi is an automation platform that was built within Google from the ground up. This way your digital safety is guaranteed by not having to leave a secure platform for your automation needs.

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