How To Automate Workflows Using No Code Business Automation

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Code vs. No Code Workflow Automation for Google Workspace

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The business landscape is an ever-changing canvass of new best practices and cutting-edge tools. With the increase in demand for productivity, efficiency, and low-cost business operations, IT solutions providers are coming up with ways to meet these expectations. They are coming up with platforms and tools that break the boundaries of task exclusivity. One such technology is the no code business automation platforms and tools we use to automate our business systems. 

Business Processes Automation used to be complicated, and oftentimes, a drawn-out bloody war for technical specialists. For large enterprises, it can take up to several months or years before some of their processes and workflows are automated. Imagine all the time spent coding these systems, not to mention the burden of managing the infrastructure required, being in the cloud or in-house. But, that does not end there; as processes change, you need to update the code to implement those changes. And then we are talking about weeks or months of work plus the potential regression errors. 

Such a costly endeavor even for big corporations, that is why business automation was out of reach for small to medium businesses working on a tight budget. And, even in the big ones, business automation is out of the reach for less strategic processes. Wonder how? Because all of the (very limited) resources are allocated to automated highly strategic ones. 

Well, good thing it was a thing of the past.  Process and workflow automation is not new, but the continuous innovation and improvement of software systems has made it accessible. 

We now have no code business automation platforms that cater to both enterprise and small-to-medium business needs. Zenphi is one of those platforms. Zenphi will help you and other colleagues of yours who are not technical people to automate all of your processes within your Google Workspace without the need for codes.

If you and your team are heavy Google Apps users, zenphi is a good addition to your overall business strategy.  

If you want to know more about how this dedicated Google Workspace automation tool can help you, read further below…

Why Choose zenphi As Your No Code Business Automation for Google Workspace

We turn to a lot of software just to help keep up with our productivity and efficiency. And sometimes, because of the very tools we use, our work suffers. But using zenphi as your no code workflow platform will afford you several powerful benefits such as:


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use. This workflow automation platform is easy to use because of its drag-and-drop functionality. zenphi also has a range of actions that you can use and configure to build dynamic workflows of your favorite Google Apps. Just drag and drop the actions into the flow; no more coding.
  • Values your data privacy and security. zenphi is equipped with industry-grade security in all its price tier, even the free one. This is to demonstrate that zenphi values your digital safety within the platform. Zenphi runs fully on Google Cloud. Another form of security is the fact that you do not have to leave Google, a platform you already trust, to automate your workflows
  • A One-stop-shop platform of Google Apps. Built on Google for Google users, zenphi can connect all of your favorite Google Apps in one platform. This will effectively eliminate the tool hopping you usually perform when going through your daily tasks. Did I also mention that aside from Google Apps, it also has integrations with several other 3rd-party tools such as Slack, Twilio, Salesforce, SQL Server, and others?
  • Cost-efficient.  Using App Script and hiring a programmer to do the coding and maintain it for you can be costly. But with zenphi and other no code business automation platforms, it’s cheaper while helping boost your ROI.

How to Start No Code Business Automation Using zenphi

Whether you are new in business process automation or had some experience before, you do not have to worry. Zenphi’s automation expert consultation is free with any of the price tiers you choose. You only need to express your need to talk to one of our experts and request a virtual meeting. Our expert will walk you through the proper steps on how to build your very first no code workflow automation.

From there, building other automated workflows within zenphi becomes easier.

Steps in Choosing the First Automated Workflow To Build

If you understand your business inside out, then this process of building your first automated workflow will be less of a struggle.

  1. Create a list of your repetitive tasks. One fast rule when it comes to processes and workflows, those tasks you have done at least twice should be written down. When it comes to automating, repetitive tasks should be given priority.

    Start with the low-hanging fruit first by picking out the easier ones. Analyze the process you have chosen. Look for problems and bottlenecks and use them to compare to the current documented ones. You can use a diagram to compare the two.

    Decide on the right steps and write it down as the new optimized workflow for that process.
  2. Define your business goals. With the newly optimized workflow in hand, start defining what it is intended for. A good example is when you have optimized your document approval process to reduce the wait-time, especially for pending projects or tasks. 

    Make sure that the steps you have written down justify and support the goals you have established.

  3. Explore the insides of zenphi and see if there are actions that are familiar to you. You can also talk to our experts to help you build your very first Google Workspace automated workflow. 

  4. Train the users. The main users need to understand the new automated workflow, so you should also let them fully explore zenphi and everything it can do. Provide them the right training, especially if you are in the process of transitioning from manual to automation.
  5. Be sure to measure the changes in your KPIs. If you are meeting the goals, then you are on the right track with the workflows you built within zenphi.

    Get your people to always track results and keep an eye on the automated workflows. Their understanding of how the workflow works within zenphi allows them to spot problems in the future and optimize. Processes and workflows are like living beings, they change and they need to be optimized to stay efficient.

Must-try zenphi Automations for Google Workspace

Gmail Mail Merge and Send Emails on G Suite

An email will be sent from a specified Gmail account when a specific event kickstarts the trigger action. This is done by using zenphi’s  Send Email action and other supporting actions depending on your flow. 

Import Json Payload Into Google Sheets

Have you seen a Json Payload before? If not, then I can tell you one thing, they’re a headache to behold, even for experienced programmers. Zenphi’s HTTP Call and Parse Json actions can save you this problem. These actions will automatically import and parse a Json payload and turn them into strings you can understand.

No more jumbled mess of lines of codes that have the ability to give even programmers the headache from hell.

Mail Merge Using Google Docs

Another in-demand task within the Google Workspace platform is performing Mail Merge using Gmail and Google Docs. A painless yet dynamic way of automatically sending emails from Gmail via Google Docs templates without the hassle of coding.

If you are interested to know more zenphi use cases for your G Suite, you can head out to our blog and read some more.

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