Automate upload to Google Drive: set emails attachments upload on auto-pilot

Google Drive , HR Use Cases , IT Use Cases , Legal Use Cases , Sales Use Cases

Discover how to optimize your workflow by automating the process of saving and uploading attachments from your incoming Gmail emails on Google Drive for further use. Table of Contents One of the most common tasks for anyone in IT, Marketing, HR or Legal Department is going through attachments they receive through their email and saving …

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Mail Merge Google Sheets: How To Send Custom Emails From Sheets

Google Sheets , How-To , HR Use Cases , Integrated AI Usage , Marketing Use Cases , Sales Use Cases , zenphi Use Cases

A step-by-step guide on how to send custom emails to your customers, employees and vendors using Gmail and Google Sheets (and — maybe — some trending hot features like generative AI) ! When Do You Need Google Mail Merge? It is no surprise that mail merge using Gmail and Google Sheets can significantly enhance various …

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Google DLP: “Zombie Drives” And The Price Of Overlooking Them

Google Drive , How-To , IT Use Cases , zenphi Use Cases

How overlooking “zombie drives” can breach your Google Workspace security, and how to manage them properly within your Google DLP strategy. Table of Contents What Are “Zombie Drives” “Zombie” drives, often referred to in the context of Google Workspace and similar platforms, are Shared Drives (formerly known as Team Drives) that no longer have any …

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How to automate invoice processing and accounts payable process

Finance Use Cases , Google Sheets , How-To , Integrated AI Usage , Sales Use Cases , zenphi Use Cases

Step-by-step tutorial on the most budget-friendly accounts payable workflow. How to automate invoice processing, handle accounts payable automation, unstructured data extraction and routing using Ai and Gmail. If your goal is to build a resilient profitable business, streamlining operations is crucial for efficiency and growth. One area ripe for optimization is intelligent invoice processing and …

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How To Revoke Access To Google Drive For Departing Employees

Google Drive , IT Use Cases , zenphi Use Cases

Discover how to streamline user deprovisioning processes for Google Workspace, enhancing your data security and deploying data loss prevention measures. A must-have workflow for Google admins. Table of Contents Why automate the way you revoke Google Drive access Offboarding tasks can consume valuable time for Google Workspace admins. Revoking access to confidential information as well …

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