Google Workspace New Roll Outs for the First Half of 2021


Google Workspace New Roll Outs for the First Half of 2021

Google is one of the pioneers that allowed internet users to work on their files and documents online. And since then, they have been dominating the cloud computing arena and stacking more tools that allow organizations to collaborate and stay productive.

Now, six months into 2021, Google is rolling out more feature improvements aimed to elevate the user experience for Google Apps lovers. Aside from primarily establishing Docs and Sheets to allow teams to work online, Google has since beefed up all of its core apps to create an ecosystem of tools that do not only create and send documents online. They have pushed the boundaries of productivity and collaboration by allowing teams to simultaneously work on a project, a simple yet comprehensive tagging system, and incorporate more features that connect Google Apps.

If you are ready to know some of the awesome updates Google has rolled out for the past 6 months, then read on. . .

Easily Present Content from Docs, Sheets, or Slides to Google Meets

Easily mention names and files to keep team members in the loop.

With Google’s aim to make digital workspaces more connected, team members can now present directly their content to Google Meets without going outside of Docs, Sheets, or Slides. 

For heavy Google Workspace users, this new feature allows for better and more efficient collaboration. 

Members can now easily present their works without having to jump in between apps. Users can also have a view of both the meeting attendees and the content they are presenting. **Present to meeting** also connects with Google calendar. So, if a particular presentation is due at any moment, all you have to do is access your file(Docs, Sheets, or Slides), click the **Present to meeting** button. Then, choose any of your upcoming schedules.

Meeting attendees can now easily pull content and share ideas in the Google Meets chatbox for easier collaboration.

@ Mentions Files, People, and Meetings with Google Smart Chips

Easily mention team members in Gmail emails or other Google Workspace documents to keep them in the loop.

Referencing content, people, and even meeting schedules can now be done within Docs with Google’s Smart Chips feature rollout. Smart Chips is still part of the Smart Canvas update that seeks to eliminate remote working fatigue through smarter and more efficient collaboration within teams.

Users can now recall files, tag people, and pull up meeting schedules right inside Google Docs.

Imagine if you are putting together an important report using Docs, it is now easier to reference other Google files from your Drive. You can now directly tag a team member you are collaborating with. Or allow them to skim meeting details while also eliminating the need to go back and forth among several tools.

Creating Timeline View Using Sheets

Google Workspace is finally on in the Timeline View competition! Formerly available only in other spreadsheet tools, the Timeline View feature is finally in Google Sheets. This feature allows users to chronologically show important dates using a timeline chart within Sheets. 

Aside from important dates, users can also employ Timeline View to track team and individual tasks. Or any projects you have in hand, for that matter. 

Timeline View is very flexible when it comes to managing your data by category, name, date, or any attributes you might want to use. Once you have fully established your timeline view, you can now jump in between views to easily track and manage activities and people.

Comment Discovery and Navigation in Sheets

The comments and feedback feature within Sheets. But even with this system, it is easy to miss some of them when doing the edits. There are times that you only find out about the rest of the missed comments when you run one last review before the presentation. And by then, you resort to cramming.

But with this new feature rollout concerning comment navigation and discovery within Sheets, you can now easily display all comments in the sidebar and filter through them to get to the relevant and necessary ones. Data analysis is made even more collaborative now that you can easily reply to others’ feedback and take care of any changes they request to the data sets.

Edit Docs, Sheets, and Slides Directly within the Chat Room

Another collaborative feature from the recent Google Workspace update is the ability to create and edit Google files directly from the chat room. 

Virtual teams love hanging out in chat rooms as a way to de-stress after a long shift. It is also a hotspot of new content ideas that spring from casual discussions. And with the new feature rollout, teams can now directly jump into creating new content using Docs, Sheets, or Slides right within their Google Chat room.


With these new improvements, Google Workspace has just cemented its position as one of the best productivity and collaboration platforms out there. They are proving to their loyal users that they have more to offer to individuals and teams looking to be efficient.

Aside from these new connective functionalities, Google Workspace workflows can also be automated. There are a lot of dedicated 3rd-party Google workflow automation platforms in the market that can help teams who are heavy Google Apps users.

Join the billions of active Google Workspace users now!

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