Artificial Intelligence in Business for Google Workspace Users

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The rise of artificial intelligence in business presents a huge opportunity for companies of all types. From boosting efficiency, increasing revenue, uncovering new opportunities for growth, and helping minimize risk, intelligent automation brings with it the potential for big benefits. And if you’re a Google Workspace user, getting started with AI is probably easier than you think. 

What is The Role of Artificial Intelligence In Business?

As a relatively new concept, the role of artificial intelligence in business is continually evolving. And while every business—and the role AI plays in it—is different, there are some common themes. Here are two of the main uses of artificial intelligence in businesses today. 

Automate Processes

One of the first uses for AI in business was Business Process Automation—also known as BPA. In a nutshell, BPA is a significant step up from earlier forms of automation. BPA is now widely used to automate a growing number of repetitive business tasks which is bringing big benefits to businesses everywhere. Learn how zenphi uses AI to read and extract data from documents and forms.

Provide Business Insights

Another big opportunity brought on by the rise of AI is the ease of access to insights relating to your business. Often going hand in hand with BPA, AI-powered software is able to collect and analyze large sets of data related to anything from your customers and their behavior, employees, and even emerging issues that could impact your business. 

As a result, armed with this new data and accurate insights, your business will be better placed to make future decisions. 


Can Artificial Intelligence Directly Increase Business Revenue?

In a word, yes. By streamlining business processes, boosting efficiency, and uncovering opportunity areas, business intelligence automation can have a significant impact on business revenue. Here are three of the leading factors behind it. 

Increasing efficiency

By automating a range of formerly manual processes, AI can help businesses boost efficiency. How? By simply redirecting staff to other tasks without the need to increase staffing levels. Learn how zenphi uses AI to automate document workflow in your business.

Unlocking new opportunities

AI does this in multiple ways. First, by automating time-consuming processes, businesses are able to boost productivity across the board. At the same time, the increased access to quality data and analytics provides greater visibility to help businesses make informed decisions.  

Reducing exposure to threats 

Lastly, access to accurate data and insights that only AI can provide helps businesses minimize risks associated with everyday decision-making. At the same time, the automation of business processes eliminates the sort of human errors that can lead to bigger problems down the line. 


How Will Artificial Intelligence Reshape Business Strategies?

AI and its many applications have the potential to completely transform business strategies. By helping companies save time and boost efficiency without the added cost of hiring more staff, AI is already helping early adopters rethink what is possible in terms of their business strategy. The ability to analyze large, complex sets of data from all areas of the business is also proving a useful tool to predict future trends. As a result, it allows businesses to make decisions with less risk than before.

As the use of artificial intelligence in business expands, so too will its potential to reshape business strategies. 


How Google Workspace users can benefit from AI today

Zenphi is a no-code business process automation tool built for Google Workspace users.  

Artificial Intelligence models Google Workspace users can use in zenphi

We have developed tools to harness the power of AI in useful and practical ways. The good news is that you can benefit from it today.

Document AI

It’s very common for processes to involve one or more documents. For instance, it can be a PDF invoice, a supplier’s purchase order, or a scanned image of an application form. Using Document AI in zenphi, you can now extract information from these documents with a simple drag and drop.

Moreover, zenphi identifies text from documents in over 200 languages for printed text and 50 languages for handwritten text.

Here’s one way you can use Document AI to streamline your processes:



Form Recognizer

Zenphi’s AI-powered Form Recognizer enables you to extract information from various PDF forms. For example, it could be a tax form, a government form, or an internal form you have created for your employees.


Automated Invoice Processing

Using zenphi’s AI capabilities, you can automatically extract information from invoices sent to you by your suppliers. Then, act on them accordingly, freeing up your accounts payable team to focus on more important tasks.

Here’s how you can automate your invoice processing with zenphi:


Ready to power your processes with AI? Try zenphi for free.

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